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Laggy animations/premium cards on PS4 after update

It's only been one day, so I can't really say this issue will be parmanent, but I've for the first time ever, experienced lag on the Premium Card animations on PS4! I closed Gwent and opened it again, and the lag was gone.

But I have a feeling I might see this issue again! It was ALL card animations! Even on game start screen, those card animations also lagged. During card changes, and cards put on the board. So ALL card animations were effected.

It was annoying enough, but I think it matters more for CDPR than it does for me.
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It was a lag alike to a huge framerate loss, to say 5fps on the card animations. The rest of the game was unaffected, although at another points I did have some ingame weird lag as well. Not sure if that was also graphics lag.
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Today I see general framedrops on PS4. Not as low on the Premium Cards animations as yesterday, but general bad looking framedrops in the game.

I can't see why there should be an issue on the PS4. It shouldn't be the most resource intense game out there.
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Thanks for saying that. Are we really the only ones who experience this issue??
I mean, the game is the same for the consoles, so I would think the issue for PS4 is for all PS4, and for Xbox with all Xbox.

Not only have you verified that other people are having the issue, but also that it is not PS4 exclusive, which leads me to believe the problem is possibly widespread.
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I'm still getting this issue from time to time. Seems to be more likely, the longer the game is open.