Laptop overheating

First off I apologize if i posted this question in the wrong area or incorrectly.

Next here is my setup:

Asus Tuf A15 gaming Laptop
Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 4800H with Radeon Graphics 2.90 GHz
RAM 16.0 GB
Graphics card NVIDIA GTX 1660 TI

Alright so I just bought the game and it's DLC just over a week ago, played it when I had time, used the 1st few days to dial in the settings (mostly had everything on low, 2 or 3 things on medium) then spent one evening digging into game. Enjoyed it but after about 3-4 hours my computer blackscreen restarted.

After that I started paying attention to the heat and even if i take everything to low, even if i set a CAP on max frames my CPU is regularly hitting 95*C.

its not the GPU, on it's side of things on low or medium settings the 1660 TI seems to handle its job and stay under 85*C.

If there's an Optimization for my Ryzen 7 and someone knows it I'm all ears.

All I know is I've always kept my startup steam lined and my CPU fan says its Running full tilt 5000+ RPM and yet 30%+ load on CPU sends it to 90*C
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A practical point, but have you put a vacuum cleaner to your vents to make sure they're not clogged with dust?
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A neat idea and I'll admit I didn't think to do that, maybe as I only have a standard large one and not sure if it has the right fitting for this.

But as one of the 2 fan ports I have noted seems to have less output even though the system says both are running full tilt in the game and I can hear them. I was going to take my Laptop to a friend of mine who has the know how to open it up and see if both are working correctly and clean.

What I was really hoping to gain by asking here is if anyone knew for certain that my CPU can handle this game+DLC and its just some kind of either heating or setting issue? (I ran Cinebench my score was just over 10k if that matters/helps)

if not, maybe I'm still in the window I can (regretfully) ask steam for a refund...

P.S. also I think its more like CPU load 30% causes 90*C rather than 40%, sorry editing now.
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Can you run it? Yes, you should be able to. You're a notch above the minimum requirements so you should be able to run it.

I'm just curious though, further to @northwold's point, when was the last time you cleaned your laptop?

Laptops are especially vulnerable to overheating and they gather dust far faster than a desktop. If you haven't cleaned it in a while, it's very possible you have some hardened dust in there that even a vacuum wouldn't pull out. A concentrated and targeted blast from a compressed air can would be better in that case but that does typically mean opening up the laptop and potentially dismantling some parts of it. If you're not comfy with that, find someone who is. Laptops are fragile.

90C under 30-40% load is extremely high and generally indicative of either poor heat dispersion (fans or thermal paste typically) or a faulty CPU.
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A practical point, but have you put a vacuum cleaner to your vents to make sure they're not clogged with dust?
Please do not use a vacuum cleaner on any computer.

If you want to clean your computer, use a brush or a dust blower or your own mouth, anything but a vacuum cleaner.

To answer your question, your laptop isn't good enough to run this game, it's not really surprising it overheated. I'm shocked you managed to run it at all.
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You should definitely be able to run it. I have a Lenovo Ideapad 3 with similar specifications but a Ryzen 5 and I run it with some quality settings set to high.

Try and clean the laptop from dust. I do this regularly.

I've heard and seen that the TUF laptops tend to overheat due to the design of the heat holes on the plastic. I did some research before buying my laptop and that's why I chose Lenovo over Asus.
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Yeah I'm about to take it to my friend today, gonna have him clean it and after seeing how it performs tell me if he thinks the fan might need replacing or we need to edit the vent holes a bit or something...
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Giving an *UPDATE*

After finding out that not all Thermal Paste (whether it claims to be high grade or not >.< ) is not created equally...

Paste and intake venting was my issues between me and my friend we solved that, I'm now playing the game with a mix of low, mid and high settings. (High is mainly textures/color/LoD) Heat runs between 77*C - 83*C
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Those temps seem about right for a laptop under load (plugged in, I'm assuming.)

Another thing to do is raise the laptop off the surface it's on. I used to (not kidding) run my old ASUS G71 on bottle caps. I would decrease load temps by ~20 degrees. If I simply put the laptop on a table, it would generate a pretty insane amount of heat.

Another thing to check is that CPU "Boosting" is off in your BIOS / UEFI. These boost options can exist on both the motherboard and the CPU simultaneously, and they will tend to compete with one another. Plus, they boost at really silly creating 90*C while searching something up on Google. When they kick in and kick off, it can also create stuttering in a lot of games. SImply disable them all if they're on, and you may be surprised by the results: lower temps and improved overall performance.
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While yes, i do have a Cooling tray it is a very cheap one.

I was waiting for (and just did utilize) Black Friday deals to order a good one now that i have a better understanding of cooling fans and where my laptops fans are located. I'm hoping with the better tray my laptop will run a bit cooler.

As for the BIOS... I'm hesitant to mess with that as much as I want a FIX to my woes, mainly as in my research of my laptop because of how (at least as I understand it) This processor (With integrated graphics) + the GTX card combo are.. fun... long story short my GTX has to feed through the IGP to reach the screen (more so if I link up to a monitor via HDMI, Oh and I'm DENIED anything beyond 3D settings in NVIDIA Control panel) and if i disable the IGP it won't help as my laptop is hard soldered for it... it would be like cutting off one of its knees, it'll limp on but...

In the end it all comes back to cutting down the work for the CPU. It just seems like this model/brand has done everything it can to OVER work the CPU for gaming though to the point that the GPU is rarely the problem. The heck of it is IGP's are meant for saving power.. it just doesn't seem much sense in a GAMING PC of any kind.

The sad thing is whom ever put this laptop design together just wanted a "Funtop" for 2020 for mid-high-ish games of the time not the "Gaming Laptop" it was lauded and sold as. All-in-all I guess i should have done more research Like Saavante did.

BUUUT alll that Rant aside (I needed to get it OUT) all of this Headache >.< has allowed me to understand my rig better, its had on and off heat issues and i didn't understand them. Now I do. I've delt with what i can, i think, I know its limits better and I can make it work for Cyberpunk 2077 even the DLC so i'm Happy. At least mostly, the control panel thing is still annoying but Eh i'll deal.
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