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Leader Spotlight: Arnjolf the Patricide

Interesting indeed, 6 points swing and 3 bloodthirst is huge, but if wrongly used (opponent has consume, aoe boost etc), you will screw yourself up big time
Really interesting leader. In particular the number of synergies he adds. Besides Bloodlust and Damaging, Arnjolf even synergies with cards like Lacerate, because he adds (at least) 3 extra value to it, or weather effects. And just imagine we still had Sihil without a cooldown, that would be nuts together with Arnjolf.
I don't really think the body was necessary though but isn't that bad either.
I agree that he looks really interesting. Also agree with what was said about his theme; fits great. :D

Too bad I don't play Skellige. :cool:
Funny how Skellige gets a really fun new Leader and Meve's stuck with a booring ability.
Won't discuss what's strong or not.
I loveeee this new leader. Really good synergy with Bloodthirst units. I'm considering becoming a Skellige main, their leaders are really strong lol!
Woah, really amazing ability, and for my forever favourite, SK. I was totally wrong, with my guess he was gonna be self-damage, but he's even better than i thought:

What other leader is so versatile, that works with Bloodthirst, Axemen/Dagur, Hemdall, row damaging, etc.
Great and interesting ability. Synergy, lore-friendly and if you want, you can fill a row in a long round. That can be game winning in some cases (row locked unit have no place) but it can be devastating too if the opponent plays Zoltan and says "thank you" :)
I already liked Skellige before Arnjolf. Now, they get another awesome leader. Yup, Skellige has the most viable leaders of them all.
GUys Guys Guys! He can be decoyed and played again, Im even thinking Lippy for a third use.
Also, Skellige storm will be usable! think about it, you Anjolf then skellige storm, then all the units get damaged by one, this one is best used with Daggur or greatswords, but still pretty good sinergies, and thats some rare ones, the obvious ones are already devastating.

Love it, I was a monsters only player until homecoming where i became a skellige only player, I'm so glad about that.-
The leader is Doomed. So, that won't be possible.

Harald is still more reliable for Craiteswords.

when u decoy do you remove the doomed tag? I forget

Also harald is less versatile.

you can kill any non inmune unit with Anjolf +Champion's Charge vs tall, use the Skellige storm combo vs wide or use svaringe if you need to creat points on your side. Harald can be dead if the oponent plays around him. Also less provisions :)
@Payus I think the only ways to remove doomed status in Gwent are that NG guy, Ceallach i think its called, and maybe Mandrake (not sure on that one)

And yeah, i agree Arnjolf is worse for pure Greatswords/Dagur strategy, but more versatile overall. Also, he will be the 2nd highest base power unit in SK, i'll try to make something out of that.
Meanwhile Meve can boost a unit by 1.

Anyway this leader ability looks pretty interesting, beside the obvious Bloodthirst synergies i think it will make cards like Trophy Catch (the old harpooner) more valuable. In some situation it might aswell fill the opponent row and block some important finisher that's row specific.