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Leader Spotlight: Meve

Hmm in comparison to Crach, she should have like 33% more Provisions since boost is like 33% worse than damage.
So 23 provision extension..
Meh, I am disappointed in her ability. C'mon, Woodland Spirit already mirrored Adda's ability. Let's not continue this trend of flat damage and buffs.
The moment it was leaked that Meve was 17 prov I was expecting this ability. Maybe it will help NR to keep it's engines alive.
Wow. Never expected to see Meve with such an underwhelming unoriginal ability. She will be half decent if she boosts by 2 instead of by 1. Keeping an engine alive is just a joke. +1 with cooldown 2 should be considered as the weakest ability of all leaders (being very close to Eithnè's.. at least Eithnè can help Shirru or Scorch or Regis or even G:I, but this one.. just sucks). But to be honest, I am happy. I thought ST was the CDPR's least favorite faction. I am beginning to think it is NR. ooh wait.. we haven't seen Eldain yet. ooh crap..
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Also, the gameplay the showed the ONLY two cards which can get good value from her ability (Tridam Infantry and Boost two cards on the side if boosted). And too cleverly showing that TI removing a Nekker. I can't get over how underwhelming my favorite character is. In a short R3, it is as good as we are facing Usurper.

[Clicks on the taunt icon.. searches for Damn It.. can't find it and not having any alternatives, shouts Damn It and presses Esc]
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I guess it makes sense - NR already has an Order leader and a Charge Leader, since Boost is kinda the 3rd archetype, now Meve fills that roll, although the boost type already worked pretty well on any NR deck.

And yeah, kinda disapointed with her ability, i was hoping it would become my favourite NR leader but with the popularity of Yrden she'll get crushed.
I'm quite disappointed by this underwhelming ability. You pretty much get the same ability if you use Demavend with a Kaedweni Sargent on the board. And Demavend is much more versatile.

She might protect engines a bit, but she isn't even that great at doing that. There would have been a lot other effects which would have achieved that in a better way.
Always good to see the queen!

I must admit, though, I'm not particularly impressed at her ability, either. Of course, I'll have to try it myself to be sure. Who knows. . . might lure me back to Northern Realms for a bit, if I can find a deck which works well enough with her, that is.
Heh, only now do I realize that her 3D model never shows its face in Thronebreaker. Thanks, video thumbnail. :D

I don't play Northern Realms myself, but I'll be interested to see what sort of synergies Meve gets built around her.
Her ability would be fine if she had much over 17 provisions... 23 I'd say...
There are more cards based on boost, however boost is ridiculously easy to remove...
Maybe more nice cards will arrive... then 17 might, MIGHT me ok...
Ok, let us all look at the hard facts (no pun intended).

1.) Given that the initial hand has 10 cards and you draw 3 cards 2 times we can expect up to 16 turns, meaning 8 times she can buff.
Which means her 8 points are on par with Woodland, Adda and Crach.

2.) While Adda can deal excess damage and thus adding less net points, though more important ones than Woodland, this
card adds 8 x 1 points, while Crach removes 8 x 1 points, which already relies on the assumption that Crach always has
An opponent can easily play artifacts/immune cards for a few turns to reduce the total value Crach can get and the synergies he can enable.

3.) Synergies: Bloodthirst cards require the target to survive, which means that Crach's damage (in that instance) is not worth
more than an equivalent buff, given that the targets remain on the field, which means that in this case Meve's boost
(triggering boost reliant NR cards) is essentially the same, though you can control if targets for Meve are on the field.

All in all this should make clear why Crach is not straight up better than Meve.

Meve has more reliability and can occasionally add the 1 point needed to move out of Aep Dahy range, Muzzle range, removal range (though this is just a situational bonus, the odds are fairly low (apart from the 11 provision Dragon Saskia I cannot think of any real examples right now)).