League of Legends MOBA

League of Legends MOBA

League of Legends, someone in this game? I play occasionally and I'm proud to be the worst support in the game;)

Some time ago it seemed to me strange playing this game, and even stranger watching streams from LoL. I downloaded the game and installed it only out of curiosity. I liked the style of the game, very similar to the Warcraft 3.

And now I play from time to time. I'll tell you one thing LCS-s can provide no less excitement than the Champions League.

Today in European LCS Gambit vs. Roccat. Go Roccat(obviously, because I'm Pole)!
I played for a while. But I can't invest enough time in it to get me anywhere. Besides it suffers from the same plague that (almost?) every online game has in recent years: the community is terrible. People taking themselves and the game far too seriously, rage, insults, arrogance everywhere - sportsmanship and people playing together just to have a good time are hard to find. It's either play with a fixed team (which I don't have) or cope with all the negativity.

P.S.: Preferably played with Veigar. Love that little bastard, reminds me of Orco from He-Man.
P.P.S.: Isn't Roccat a German company?
This is why i love ignore button;) +100 to fun from game. Ciriously i use it in almost every match.

Roccat is German sponsor but entire team is from Poland. Before Roccat joined them they were called KMT - Kiedyś Miałem Team which means I Used To Have A Team.

Great play by Celaver from KMT:
I played LoL for a day or two, but got bored of it. Got 400 hours in Dota 2 though (which isn't even much, compared to most players who are any good. I'm not good, but not bad either.)

But like every game when i play it much for a couple of weeks, it got boring for me. I'll probably pick it up again in a while.
Tried it out due to being an Arcane fan... doesn't do justice to that show, I'm afraid
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