Least favourite Leader/archetype to play against

I'm curious, whats your least favourite matchup (besides bloody Milfgaard)? Is it because it implicates bad chances for your deck, because its plainly unfun or because its OP?
For me, I simply dont fight nilfgaard, theres nothing I hate more than them. Second, i highly dislike monster weather. They do all kind of sh*t, from row efects, damaging and removing to moving rows and the only counter is basically removing the few cards which generate value per turn ON BOARD (looking at you caranthir) and thats it since removing row effects was killed a long time ago. Also as soon as renfri is played I'm gone, that cards just utter ...
Hello there,
nowadays, every time I see that an opponent is playing Nilfgaard, I forfeit before drawing the first 10 cards.
The same applies to Syndicate Bounty.
I believe this is a defeat for this game, and it's a pity.

I just wrote a more detailed report of my experience in this thread:

This game is so unfun. It used to be much better. Returning player rant​

I don't like northern realms playing reavers: NR have so many ways to duplicate cards, that you at some point run out of cards to counter them. Add on top of that that I do not play meta (best possible cards of the patch for certain faction) nor neutral cards.

Why? well, for me it is not fun to play and get increased damage after every turn. Some time ago my strategy was to drag as much as possible the first round and attempt to win rounds 2 and 3. But now they added to their decks the cards to keep the same pace in several rounds which is nonsense as how I see it.
There are a lot of archetypes I dislike. Interestingly, NG is pretty far down the list — only Imperial Practitioners (which are rarely played) are really awful.

By far the worst are the highly binary archetypes where quality of play is completely irrelevant. NR soldiers are the current worst culprit.

Next least enjoyable are what I call the mega-decks — decks that consistently generate so many points that only other mega-decks can compete. These decks are not binary because quality of play does matter, but they severely limit deck variety because non-meta decks just lose. The worst culprit in this is ST harmony. But even as I complain, I realize these decks keep the meta honest by making a lot of abusive decks (garbage like Imperial Practitioners or Aerondight) from having a sufficient win rate to be widely appealing.

I also hate any “one-trick-pony” decks — decks that rely very heavily on one or two badly OP cards. Many of these decks are also very binary — always losing if the opponent has the counter in hand or if the cards aren’t drawn. But some (e.g. Saskia, Simlas) cannot really be countered. While I find ST bad in this respect, other factions also have their share: SK (with Eist, Sove, Melusine, Sigvald, Lippy, Compass), NR (with Henselt, Melitele, Roegner), MO (with Vy, Keltullis, Arachas Queen, Witches Sabbath), NG (with Tibor, Skellen, Vilgefortz, Kolgrim), SY (with Mastermind, King of Beggers, Freakshow).

Finally, I dislike the “ticky-tacky” archetypes — the ones that somehow convert every deck variant, every matchup, and every draw into something that always feels the same. MO has a lot of those decks (frost, vampires, consume). So do NR (boost, mages, blue stripes) and SK (pirates, warriors, druids). ST has its share as well: movement, elves (although at least it must respond to draw order), harmony (although I think that meaningful variants are possible — just players seem unwilling to try them). One thing I will say for NG is that different matches are different.

It might seem like this is a rant against almost everything. Actually, it leaves lots of archetypes I enjoy. Unfortunately, most of them are not very competitive.
Why? well, for me it is not fun to play and get increased damage after every turn.

Seriously. The devs (correctly) nerfed Sihil, only to then create an even more obnoxious deck in Reaver spam that does the same thing?!?
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NG is its own level. Doesn't matter what garbage archetype it is. Griefing faction aside, though, I generally dislike gameplay that involves spamming: because it's not only dull as a mechanic, but also it turns everything interesting to shit. Reaver: oh, a cool card, except the devs immediately give NR ANOTHER spam card to go with it, just to it could vomit up 20 of the reavers in like 2 turns with zero effort, so suddenly the card is annoying as hell. Gerni, koschey, kelli - nice cards, except we just HAVE to have 3 Kellis, 5 Koscheys and 7 gernis to feel clever.

Unfortunately, there are many many more examples of this. The devs seem to consider NG and spamming to be peak of strategic and entertaining gameplay, which makes Gwent rarely fun to someone who happens to dislike those two things.
Precision strike as a leader ability should go. Its mainly used only in ultrac cheezy-malicious decks based on many special cards, low-units swarms, simlas, And immune units. Whenever I See precision strike its obvious that IT wont be anything normal
Cultists are disgusting, boring and repetitive. [...]
I reached rank 1, only to find always the same NG decks. This one, from the cultists, and then that deck that is only dedicated to stealing cards from your hand, your deck and banishing your units, is absurd and there came a point where I gave up playing, I'll wait for them to be nerfed and I'll leave gwent until then, not coming back if things still the same.
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I despise Reavers and Cultists and actually every archetype that relies on endlessly copying bronze units. Master of Puppets is also disgusting when played more than twice. Toxic shit.
No GG for those and currently I'm considering boycotting them by instant Forfeit.

When did the game actually start to introduce these strategies?
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Its funny, you came here, in reddit, Twitter and Everything and most of people blame about NG.

And what happened (1)? A lot of players just quited The game because that stupid faction.

What happened (2)? - only Who plays that shit are still playing.

So what happened (3) ?- devs look to games and see almost everyone plays NG and they think its popular and should be in the state it is.

What happened (4?) The player base is dropping every month, and more and more NG is played by The remain players.

And than we back to points 1-2-3-4 as a cicle and the game is dead
Mill decks
Any deck that has Jan Calveit destroys my will to live.
No Counter, all games are the same, no wait the only couter is playig NG yourself.

Mark my words: this would be completly different if
-all facions have 4 provision locks, or NO faction has them
-consistency would be built in for 1-2 cards that are not crazy prov expensive FOR ALL FACTIONS,give a Jan Calveit equivalent to all factions (not simply draw 1 card ) either that or noone gets it
-all archetipes with more than 5 bronze (only 3 playable usually), the good number would be 7, so 3 always get left out. no need to print new cards just rework all the shite 5-6 points bronzes
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