Less generic and more build defining perks in future updates?

If you want to be a netrunner you really want multiple perks. If you want to master strong "single shot" shotguns you really want speed and reload speed perks etc...

But lots of other weapons don't really have build defining perks. Burya requires 10 body now and has a nice weapon description as well. Why not replace some generic body or reflexes perks with burya specifics (and add mentioned cyberware)? Why not make monowire and smart weapons share some perks with intellect trees? (we don't need 1h for protocol breach anyway). A lot of people like unique weapons that could have something in the cool tree, maybe even option to upgrade them/recraft higher at a shop and bonus if you are wearing clothing of specific style? (cold blood is kind of annoying being "always valid", especially at the high cool values part).

And the capstone perks in some trees are quite bad to really useless (protocol breach time increase? really?) Maybe make 3 perks and let us choose one based on the build we are going for. Say combat hacking could have one perk for a netrunner build requiring 20 int, but there could be say 10 int capstone alternative perk that say blocks usage of offensive quickhacks but improves on utility of other when you want say go for smart weapon + support netrunning or stealth and monowire etc (better bullet hit ratio, ability to deliver a quickhack over monowire or smart bullet hit - like say ping or try to glitch enemy cyberware or weapon or cripple movement).

And the tech tree - it's there just for the convenience of crafting. Tech weapons, those that have the charge shots don't really have build defining perks there. You get better charge but that's not so often used and slow (and Buzzsaw exists). Maybe use it to give high end weapons their unique perks? SOR-22 is likely the worst weapon in the game, while Achilles and other lore-wise highly advanced weapons could have something there...

and make craftable clothing show up also as higher rarity as you upgrade your crafting - just like armor mods go up to legendary with skill. It's kind of annoying to force-refresh stores to get legendary/epic clothing of desired style/look.
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would be quite interesting if they simply gave you perk points and let you choose any feature/item/skill to improve with them, not strictly predefined ones and decide how long they last and what strength, the stronger and longer it is, the more perk points it would use. could even limit how strong anything is based on other things so someone doesnt dump all perks into one skill. they could also introduce counters for skills a player uses too much or that are too powerful. so if someone uses a super strong gun, rather then normal police, exceedingly heavily armored police could show up if the gun is used too much.

The current system leaves a bit to be desired, the things you want are at the end of the tech tree, but what fun are they to get at the end of the game? seems the entire system needs a overhaul, yet this game has so many problems that need to be addressed first...
I think the whole attribute system needs a major change.

The five attributes are uneven and don't synergize well when you try to approach the game from a melee, gun or quickhack focused perspective.

For starters putting Annihilation in Body while putting Blades in Reflexes is counterproductive because if you want to focus on melee you have to spend most points on Body anyway while if you wanna focus on guns you are discouraged from picking shotguns and machineguns because they aren't connected with Reflexes.

The biggest problem however, is Technical Ability. The entire attribute is a huge paywall to improve Crafting while Engineering only gives quality of life improvements for weapons and grenades. Don't get me wrong, Crafting is awesome in Cyberpunk but having to give up stats oriented for combat just to get better equipment doesn't seem sensible.

I get that we are not meant to become a master of all and that we must make compromises for builds to be meaningful but I think we need to reduce the number of attributes to 4 and redistribute those skill as follows:

-Street Brawler


-Breach Protocol

-Cold Blood
-Demolition (Cooler name for Engineering)

In the proposed system the attribute bonuses per point invested would go as follows:
+5 Health Points
+3 Stamina
+3 Damage with Fists, Gorilla Arms, Mantis Blades and Monowire
+1 sec enemy grapple duration
-6% movement penalty while grabbing an enemy

+2% Armor Penetration
+2% Chance of weapon effects
+3 Damage with Projectile Launch System
-1% recoil with Pistols, Revolvers, Submachineguns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns and Machineguns
-1% spread with Pistols, Revolvers, Submachineguns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns and Machineguns

+4% Cyberdeck RAM capacity
+10% Quickhack damage
+1% Quickhack duration
+0,5% Crit Chance
+2% Crit Damage

+1% Armor
+0,75% Mitigation Chance
+1% All resistances
+10% Stealth Damage
-0,5% enemy speed detection in stealth

Gameplay changes in the proposed system:
-Quickhack crafting perks would be transfered to the Crating skill tree
-Technical Abilitity level checks would be replaced with Cool level checks
-Reflexes level checks would be replaced with Intelligence level checks
-Body level checks for weapons would be replaced with Firepower level checks
-Sandevistan, Kerenzikov, Nanorelays and Mechatronic Core would be governed by the Intelligence Attribute
-Microgenerator, Neofiber, Reflex Turner and Synaptic Accelerator would be governed by the Cool Attribute
-Heal-on-Kill, Feedback Circuit, Ground Plating, Microrotors and Microvibration Generators would be governed by the Body Attribute
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