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List of supported Android devices? Why no Galaxy S2?



List of supported Android devices? Why no Galaxy S2?

Where can I see a list of supported Android devices? If there's no one, it would be customer-friendly (for soon-to-be-customers) to make such list.

I rocking the old lady Galaxy S2. But why don't you let me just install it anyway? Fallout Shelter for example isn't supposed to be compatible, too. But after downloading the apk outside Google Play it just runs fine.

Please let me at least BUY the *.apk of The Witcher Adventure Game so I can put it myself on my phone. I have the physical copy and the steam version (should be for free for my phone anyway ;) ) and I would love to play it on the go!


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I couldn't create a new thread so I am posting my query here instead. The The Witcher Adventure Game had been running just fine on my Note 8 when it earlier was running Android 7.0. However as I have updated to Android 8.0 whenever now I am opening the game it is simply loading a white blank screen on the start up and automatically crashing itself after few seconds. Any idea how to fix it??

Update: I had to uninstall the game and reinstall it and since then it had been running smooth again.

Arjun Dixit
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