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Lock Doesn't Remove Resilience

Locking Gabor doesn't matter because he stays on the board in the next round.
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Being more specific here are the chain of events:
-Round 1 Opponent played Gabor on Melee row
-Immediately lock it with Djenge (yes I made sure the required condtions to lock it were met, a lock icon was dispayed on the his card)
-Opponent passes
-I pass
-Round 2 Gabor stays on the board.
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1. unit was boosted in hand and gained resilience
2. unit was boosted by tactical advantage
3. unit locked by opponent
4. unit ignored locked status and remained on board at the start of the next round
I was playing hand buff Filavandrel and I had Mahakam Marauders. I used a buffed Marauder for carryover, then my opponent used a lock on it. It still carried over to the next round. It happened in a second game as well. I am not sure if it is just the Marauder, but I assume that all resilient units cannot be locked. Please check. Thank you.
In round 2 my opponent played gabor melee (resiliance) and I locked it with dorregory, but in round 3 gabor stayed on board with locked status on. I lost that ranked game with 2 points difference and it got me very tilted
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Oh, I see now that isn't a bug but a change of game mechanic
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Resilience is a status not an ability. To make this simple, ANYTHING THAT APPEARS ON THE LEFT SIDE OF A UNIT CAN BE PURIFIED.
Thanks. I don't need it simplified. It's just dumb. Removing poison and other things, maybe. IT JUST DOESN'T MAKE A SCRAP OF SENSE. Wow caps really works.