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Looking for information for my thesis.

I'm looking for way to contact somebody in game industry who has insight about videogame development progress, and could help me understand how it all works on some level. I'm doing my thesis for my school about videogame development progress and what it involves and how it may cope with changing environment.

If this is not right way to contact could you tell me better way so that I could use that one instead.

-Jugster91 (Bubbeldragon by default)

P.s. If this is deleted please tell me why.
The easiest way is to simply check out a few websites from game developers.

Usually, you can find an E-mail adress there. If you contact a few studios, I'm sure you'll get some replies.
The "other" issue you have is are you discussing small team ("Indy") developers or sizable companies (CDPR)?
In a small team by necessity everyone has to perform multiple development tasks (art, animation, sound, etc.) whereas a place like CDPR has (probably multiple) specialists for each task.
the best is to look for web sites of game developers, you will not have to difficult to find.
Reddit r/gamedev is probably best place to ask about this. Plenty of helpful people with experience from indie to "AAA".