Malorian revolver missing (2.12 update)

So I came back to play Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty after upgrading to a ps5. From transferring over from a ps4 to a ps5 I noticed Johnny Silverhands signature revolver is missing from my inventory and storage. I've checked my weapons wall and notice that it's displayed on the wall, but nowhere else to be seen. Although it's probably not the best weapon now, I really like using it. Has anyone encountered this issue? I would prefer not having to start all over as I've made a lot of progress.
Annoying. Funny enough, it's rather the opposite which happened since 2.0, weapons are in the stash but do not appear on the wall.
How "old" is your save? (I guess at least, 1.61 which is the last version available on PS4).
Not sure how you can get Johnny's gun back :(

Just my opinion, but might not be a "bad" thing to start over because there are quite a few things you don't have and probably never be able to have. For example, in spoiler in case, two items you don't have and won't be able to have by continuing your playthrough from your PS4 save :
During the Heist, because you played on PS4, you didn't pick up the Iguana egg nor the new iconic knife on Saburo body.
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