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Let's hope it's gonna worth the time, if they let the devs make the game they want and not rush it.

The are also developing the remake of the first 3 ganes, those are probably coming out before this one
I hope they canonize the Destroy ending
Agreed. Seems most likely based on the teaser as well - what with the demolished relay, the lost contact reference, Shepherds armor not being vaporized, and the dead reaper in the background of the video. Those things only make sense with destroy ending.
and leave Andromeda to rotten
Awww I think Andromeda gets a bad wrap. A lot of the concepts were great, but the characters and quests were not as good as the first three, and the open world filler content was bland. Not nearly as good as the first three, but not as bad as a lot of people make it out to be.
I wish I could slip through a membrane into a universe where new ideas and creativity are rewarded and adulated rather than repeating and rehashing the same old tired shit again and again.

If I worked on a game like this I would be ashamed of myself.
We know the reason why Mass Effect Andromeda was such a disaster, thanks to this article:

So I think they are really well aware of the situation they are in. That gives me some hope. But I'm not too excited about Mass Effect 5, but I want to see this amazing franchise to contunue because there is no alternative to BioWare games.

I think Mass Effect 5 will put it's weight on Andromeda side, or some event that connects both galaxies. They will especially work on ME3 endings and with some way, they will avoid canonazing ME3 ending by giving it a little screen time on the game.

I don't think they want to pick canon ending, if they put some time, they can avoid it too. Also by watching the teaser, it seems like there is a huge time gap between ME3 ending and the teaser.
I'm looking forward to this. I might be in the minority but I liked Andromeda maybe not as much as I had hoped. The only game of theirs I disliked is Anthem. That's a pretty good track record for me. Also while I disliked ME3's endings I still enjoyed the game as a whole.
I'm hoping they've learnt from the mistakes made with ME:A and DAO:I, where they basically ripped the heart out of their games and replaced it with soulless gameplay and world design that was like something from a bland MMO...and ended up with something a lot like Cyberpunk 2077. :LOL:

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Wait and see for me. I'd be overjoyed to see Bioware bounce back and make the game ME universe deserves, but I'm not sure if I'm their target audience anymore, seeing how Andromeda tried to emulate Marvel movies (stupid jokes and quips all the time) instead of Star Trek.
Awww I think Andromeda gets a bad wrap. A lot of the concepts were great, but the characters and quests were not as good as the first three, and the open world filler content was bland. Not nearly as good as the first three, but not as bad as a lot of people make it out to be.
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There's something for everyone I guess....
I'm not expecting anything here. At this point, I'm way more curious about the Mass Effect remastered edition (before that announcement I was already considering another playthrough - and yeah, despite the frustrating ending of ME3).

Seems like, with Bioware, you'll never know what you'll get. Still, I usually find a way to enjoy their games. For example, I liked Anthem. Definitely not for the story (totally forgettable with no meaningful choices or memorable characters), but for the gameplay. Playing interceptor was super fun for me!

Even Andromeda had enjoyable moments for me, despite being a bit too generic in many ways. Then again, open-world and Bioware... so far that doesn't really work out for me. It never feels organic. Looks like Bioware is trying too hard to be more modern but often drawing the wrong conclusions while forgetting the stuff that made their older works special. But again, I really didn't regret playing it.

Anyhow, while I'm not getting any hopes up, I do want to play ME5 when it's ready. Not expecting anything good, but I'll see if I can find an angle that's fun for me to play. Wouldn't be the first time.
but the characters and quests were not as good as the first three

Which is why I think it's a game they should not be acknowledged. Integrating these characters and stories in the new game might have negative effects on the new story and experience, unless the characters are semi retconned and improved in writing.

Also froma selfish point of view when I play franchises with multiple games, I tend to play them from the beginning. I don't play The Witcher 3 without 1 and 2 first, and so to play Mass Effect "5" I should play the trilogy first...and I really don't want to play Andromeda.
I don't trust Bioware. I hope they canonize the Destroy ending and leave Andromeda to rotten, but I have doubts they'll do it.
If you're being honest with yourself, what made BioWare is long gone, dead and rotted over. I do love the first three ME games though, even ME:3 and so that perpetually idealistic and naïve fool within me is looking forward to having something else I love be yet again stomped into the mud and spit on. Here's hoping it won't come to yeah right.
I'm sorry, but zero hype for this one, after the terrible endings of ME3 and Andromeda...
What bad endings? The ME3 endings were beautiful, andromeda some or many didn't like it, but personally I liked it a lot, because I just took the game as it was, a game in itself and not tied to the trilogy
Absolutely adore the Mass Effect trilogy. Andromeda is the black sheep of the family with the worst story but the best gameplay. Unfortunately its clear that it was made by people that had an agenda to push and quite frankly I see the same happening for ME5 because games can't just be games anymore.

The trilogy reboot I'll buy though for sure.

There's something for everyone I guess....
I guess? I definitely didn't love it. But people took the critiques way overboard. The exploration and colonization concept was an excellent idea. Making a new home for the races of the Milky Way. Also going small on the ship, with a more intimate crew al la Firefly in place of Star Trek was an excellent decision. Finally having everything within the initiative go to pieces with internal struggle was a great idea. Those three concepts alone were a great foundation for an excellent game. Also the squad based combat and gameplay is probably the strongest of all four games - they needed more variety for enemy NPCs, but the combat was very fun.

Unfortunately, the central plot involving the Angarans and the Khet was very very bland. Coming upon two warring species neither of whom was clearly the "good guys" in the fight would have been much more interesting than what we got. In the search to make clear bad guys, we lost both the opportunity to meet more interesting and nuanced characters from both sides, and undercut a lot of the more interesting ideas percolating within the initiative itself.

EDIT: Also the characters crafted for the game were frankly just not as good as in the original series. Peebee and Drack were great. Kallo, Vetra, Cora and Jaal were decent-ish. Liam, Suvi, Lexi and Gil were all frankly boring, which is probably the worst thing you can say about a character.

Despite those shortcomings between characters and plot, the game had a pretty firm foundation. But recognizing strengths in something that doesn't meet expectations is too much to ask sometimes. In video games either you make the greatest game ever, or it's mediocre crap that is a disgrace to consumers.
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