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Meteorite Powder Promo Starts Today!




Starting today on selected platform players can purchase meteorite powder at a 50% discount! Below you’ll find a schedule with the platforms and dates.

XBOX ONE & PC 4.01 - 11.01.2019
PS4 US – 01.01-15.01.2019
PS4 Asia – 15.01 - 22.01.2019
PS4 Japan – 16.01 - 22.01.2019
PS4 Europe – 11.01 - 16.01.2019



So you gots time to pen in a Powder Sale yet no time for any sort of hotfix for Sihil... which you acknowledged weeks ago was "too fucking OP". Draig Bon-Dhu locks you out of play for the rest of the turn after you play him. Server side changes no less. I mean, you might as well seen as it's still in Beta.


Powder going on sale at this point in time is pretty funny.
And IMHO super insensitive and indifferent to the community sentiments. Again, they informed and did it. If someone didn't convert those scraps, it is partly on then too. But overwhelmingly community is having a bad sentiment and at this time, this sale.. I don't how how CDPR can be this insensitive. They could have waited for a couple of weeks so that the wounded are healed. :(


hmmm gotta stand with the crowd on this one

We will see what happens with tomorrow patch

We are promised season tree, balance patch, new leaders in Janurary, and none have happened so far
If they'd asked me ahead of time, I would have told them that some players would look at a promotion like this one sideways because of the timing. Um, if you guys want to make some money on GWENT I would suggest putting better cosmetic items in the shop. I would like to support monetarily but the battlefields and skin swaps on middle aged dudes just aren't appealing.

I mean Yennefer was aiding Nilfgard for a while, why not have a Yennefer skin for that faction? No, she did not RULE the faction but she was technically a Leader.
After i lost all my premium collection and money i payed for the dust before homecoming I will will not pay a damn buck for this game any more unless they let me restore my previous collection i had before.
After i saw this powder sale it feels even more like some insane scam now.


There's no way you can make the argument that you "lost" your premium collection when you had several months to craft it. + All the endless free scraps you would have leftover.


There's no way you can make the argument that you "lost" your premium collection when you had several months to craft it. + All the endless free scraps you would have leftover.
He is right as not all cards from pre-HC period are back in game after HC release so he could not craft them all now again.
Guys try to understand that an optimistic dev team designed a system that was overly generous towards beta testers. It sucks for everyone that they have to change it now but when you're honest with yourself I believe you'll realize that it was the responsible move to make. I mean this is not an EA/Activision situation where they tried to screw anyone over, in fact it was just the opposite. They were trying to do us a solid.

I benefited greatly in-game from this. I have so many cool animated cards that I wouldn't have had otherwise without their generosity. Anyway, I still haven't actually spent money on GWENT though and it's because I don't buy cards in card games - to me it's more fun to build the collection and to do the best you can with what you have.

But I would buy cool cosmetics. Unfortunately GWENT doesn't have any yet. Um, it's not fun to for me personally to play dress up with middle aged men.