MM Kegs - Rarity Droprates - UPDATED RESULTS

My report in... I am prestige 4.
35 Kegs (purchased Master Mirror combo)

Rare: 45
Epic: 5
Legendary: 1
Evolving: 1 (The Legendary)

Breakdown: For the faction cards, I received 6 of 10 available for all factions except Synbdicate for which I received 4 of 10.
Most obtained cards: Fortune Teller (10), Drummond Berserker (9), Naglfar's Taskmaster (9), Oakcritters and Abandoned Girl (8 Each), Kerack Cutthroat (10), Kerack Marine (8), Mutants Maker (10).

I think its interesting that I received fewer NG cards, witha better balance than any other faction.

Cards per faction totals:
Neutrals: 24
Skellige: 26
Monsters: 24
Scoia'tael: 31 (owing to a slight early bias)
Nilfgaard: 15
Northern Realms: 28 (Including my only evolving card)
Syndicate: 24

Apologies for being long-winded here, but I am a statistics junkie and couldn't help myself.

Now to get a few more kegs with ore and see how that goes, then its off to the mill.

Ore purchase of 10 (Master Mirror) kegs yielded 4 Epics and 1 Legendary (Evolving) card. 3 of the Epics were new cards for me.
Prestige 1 (+), 5 (+), 10 (-)

100 Kegs (Premium)
Legendary: 6 (1)
Epic: 22 (3) (about 5 from first 4 random)
Rare: 179 (10)
I took every Possible Premium
Common full premium

50 more Master Mirror Kegs
only 1 Legendary
8 epics
a lot of premium rares:beer:
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My personal drop rate is absolutely horrific this time. Around 100 Kegs opend and only 2 (!) legendaries. Although I have all epics (except one), I am really really unhappy about the legendary rate.
I bought them in groups of 10. I wrote down the number of epics and legendaries in each group. I will include that info if people want it.

100 kegs got me 23 epic and 6 legendary. Of those 1 epic was premium and no legendaries were premium. I got almost 4200 scrap and I missed the powder number on the auto mill notification.
I thought that since I enjoy Gwent so much I will finally go and buy some kegs. Really want to be able to build a proper Monsters deck so I bought 60 kegs.

Legendary: 0

Won't be doing that again.
Well I think I am really lucky with numbers like this:

61 normal MM kegs:
- premium - 16
- epic - 15
- legendary - 3
I'll keep the bit of paper with more detail if requested for about 24 hours then probably lose it.

100 kegs bought with ore/gold:

I hce 33 premiums out of 500 cards.

I now have the whole 70 card expansion because milling the excess gave me enough scraps with the 5000 I had already. I still have about 2000 left.

Common bronze - 296.

Rare: - 174

Epic (the purple ones): 26

Legendary: 4 - 3 were the evolving cards.

I got my first legendary in my 39th keg. After 50 kegs I had 45/70 of the possible cards. This increased slightly after the other 50 to 52/70.

I bought ten MO kegs, but that wasn't a good plan, so bought 38 more MM kegs. I don't have the specifics, but I got another 3 legendary (technically 4, but one was a duplicate) out of these.

The legendary cards had the lowest spread (nearly all only one of these was obtained) but the cheaper ones were in the 20-30 range and the rares came in at about half that.

The game now takes even longer to load than before, in case anyone hasn't noticed.
My drop rates:

Normal Kegs 17
Normal: 59
Rare: 24
Epic: 1
Legendary: 1

Premium 25
Normal: 93
Rare: 25
Epic: 5
Legendary: 2

Quite happy with the result as I can try my Spy NG and Frost MO deck
Used only Gold to purchase 72 kegs.

Full collection standard (4 premium) + 185 duplicates

Full collection rare (6 premium) + 83 duplicates

11 epic (2 premium) + 5 duplicates

3 legendary

Somewhat underwhelming, but better than I recently had of 0 legendary in 120 kegs.

Lol man that's normal...after 20 kegs I have 10 copies of abandoned girl, I'm thinking of mounting an orphanage

Yup, finding 24 abandoned girls just made me feel bad...
So, tomorrow (in just a few hours actually), most of us will open a LOT of MM Kegs.

If you feel like it, keep track of how many legendaries and epics you get, how many premiums, and if you wanna go the extra mile, all of the results (common/rare/epic/legendaries and standard/premium).
And of course, how many kegs you opened, total. Then share it here, i know i will do that.

(EDIT) thanks to @Pacifixer and @bojerbela for pointing this out - you should also post different numbers for regular kegs and premium kegs, because if you dont the statistics will be flawed

Then we can complain about our bad luck and see who got the worst of it. And players interested in statistics can use that data to estimate rarity droprates (i can do it if nobody else wants to, but just some basic statistical analysis, nothing fancy) :smart:

Out of 71 normal MM kegs (10 paid, 1 twitch prize, 60 bought w/ore):
Legendary: 6 (1 premium)
Epic: 18 (4 premium)
Total premium: 24


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Thanks to everyone who posted (but if someone hasnt posted yet, feel free to share the results, they are still welcome)

I think i've fried my brain today from playing too much, tomorrow i might collect all data and calculate the rarity droprates (but if someone else wants to do that for me, i would greatly appreciate it) :beer:
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