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[MOD] HD Monsters Reworked by Denroth


Greetings Witchers,

I'm working on a new mod that reworks the models of the monsters without overturning the work done by CDPR.
Essentially, HDMR mod improves the details of the skin textures of monsters, horns, and various objects.

I would like to point out that the images below are a WIP, so they are subject to change.

Currently I'm still working on The Butcher of Blaviken mod, but once the release of the various versions is finished I will focus my efforts on HDMR mod.

N.B. I'm still undecided whether to publish this mod on nexus or use it only for personal use ...
my choice will be based on your feedback ..
So leave a comment (constructive) ..

Skin(beak, legs, claws etc..) and eye reworked

I tried to make her look more "demon style" .. I hope I succeeded :)

same speech of the Bies

Earth Elemental
I have reworked the textures to make it more realistic, but I will probably make some changes

Fire Elemental
brand new texture

I added many details and made the color more uniform and realistic

Golem of rock
added many details to the rocks(the golems are highly in WIP, probably undergoing changes.)

new eyes, feathers, beak and claws

Ice Golem
added more details and reflections

Ancient Leshen
reworked bark, moss, horns and clothes



At the moment it's all, there are many textures that I have modified but that I have not tested yet. I will keep you updated (with new images) as soon as I do other tests.

sorry for eng
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Good work

I am for sharing, several developments on this forum have allowed to create new mods. Without this sharing of information and collaborations, there would be less interest in creating modes for this game.
Thanks for the support... :)

@ jack91 TW3 is my favorite game, if I can, I will make the changes that I think necessary to improve the gaming experience (my experience). As for sharing, I agree with you, but the problem is not the TW3 community but the meddens themselves ...

I give an example (without naming names), on some occasions I have allowed the use of my material (The Butcher of Blaviken mod) .. two weeks after the release of this new mod I received accusations of plagiarism only because I modified the same file texture (in a different way) ... the two textures were clearly different ... but the "modder" put the credits on his page saying that the only good thing about my mod was the texture he "borrowed" .... TBOB mod is close to 1000 endorsements, and was released in 2017 .. two years after the release of TW3 ... unfortunately there is some kind of competition (I do not understand why) that ruins the The witcher 3 modding environment.

made this parenthesis, here are the textures reworked for the "Cave Troll". I have reworked all the versions.

CAVE TROLL texture
N.B. the images are pixellate because they have been converted to jpg ... this evening... I'll post the ingame versions if I have time.
CAVE TROLL Vanilla vs HDMR mod

MAGMA TROLL Vanilla vs HDMR mod

ICE TROLL Vanilla vs HDMR mod
You can rework the original files of CDRED but not the files of the other moders without their consent.
I too had this experience, it was a misunderstanding on my part on Nexus.
It is absolutely necessary to ask authors in writing for permission to use their work.

You do not need authorization if it is based on a CDRED file like for example for 'Realistic Weather',
simply change the name of the files in the mod and change the DLC settings.
it is not plagiarism but a new mod built with the structure of an old mod.
You do not need authorization if it is based on a CDRED file like for example for 'Realistic Weather',
simply change the name of the files in the mod and change the DLC settings.
it is not plagiarism but a new mod built with the structure of an old mod.
exactly .. but since I had not used its texture ... simply I took that of vanilla (CDPR) and reworked my own version.
he continued that I had to put in the credits his name .. when in reality he had no right to claim them.
probably to have some visibility to his mod.
I myself developed the 'Weather system' by the DLC with Ureal.
I did not cry when 'Realistic Weather' was developed.
I was happy that there are people who devote free time to improving the look of W3.
fortunately, others think that way.
CDRED think that way, He gave us free modkit and a section on their forum to build mods.

there is the cup of cup half full and the cup half empty.
Doing mods just for you will end in oblivion.

share knowledge learning.
if it's not good, then we have to close the schools of the planet.
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you're probably right, but I hate to see my work being impeached when I spent whole days fixing a bug or making improvements(without any proof ).
the vanilla version of LESSUN looks good and good details, which is why I made some less invasive improvements here, I limited myself to making the bark, musk, the leather on the shoulders / head and the "skirt" more realistic. I added some blood stain to make it more credible.

If you have any ideas on how to improve the versions of the monsters I have shown you up to now, leave feedback and tell me what you think should be improved.

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Incredible bro
I hope you'll release it on nexus because modding comunity is dying and it will be a pleasure to still have guys like you around here.

Keep it up!
I thank you for the nice words :)

I did other tests with the textures of Basilisk and Drowner ... this is the result.

Here I had to do a lot of extra work because in some light conditions the skin of the basilisk appeared too bright and not realistic. I recalibrated the colors (without desaturation), increased the details of the skin, the paws (including the nails and the beak) and the feathers. I'm undecided whether to change the eye .. appears a little off and not very visible.

Here I completely modified the skin (it took a lot of time>.>), I added a lot of extra details to make the skin more scaly and I added blood on mouth. I'm undecided whether to leave the blood on the mouth or remove it ... if the Drowner emerges from the water is not credible ...

Vanilla texture

HDMR mod texture(the image below does not have blood on the mouth, I added it at a later stage.)
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This is shapening up nicely, and at a tremendous speed, are you planning on rework all the monsters? or those whith the more noticeable low res textures? Thanks again for respecting the vanilla design.
first of all, guys thank you for the support ..
creating mods takes a lot of time and sacrifice .. but if there is adequate support from the community ... the modder works better :)

@KeyMeister I will take your feedback into consideration;)

@ JUANMAS7ER my goal is to make the monsters more realistic ... When you meet a monster while running around the map, this must instill fear (especially if you're playing Ghost mode on deathmarch XD).
Of course, I could heavily modify the textures of all the monsters, but it would take a lot of time and the end result may not like it. For this reason I'm trying to keep the vanilla textures.
If the textures are consistent and of good quality I will not make changes, I will limit myself to increase the level of realism of the textures .. but in some cases (in particular the Golems and the elementals) they have horrible and not coherent textures.

here is an example with the elemental of fire ...
the vanilla version has moss on rocks that should be lava rocks (because internally the golem has fire and lava) ... never heard a moss growing on volcanic rocks with 0% humidity XD

so I'm trying to adapt it better ... it's a fire elemental after all.
here is a comparative image (low pass the mouse scum on the image).

N.B. the image of the mod you see is in WIP, if the final result does not like me I will go back and you will never see this version. it is a "texture only" image, with few details .. the final version will be much more accurate.


making textures from scratch is a long process ... but if I'm careful in processing .. will come out a golem of volcanic rock and lava as you've never seen it :)
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Take your time and make something special, don't matter if you'll release it next year. And do not be enslaved either.

In relation to the editing topic, I appreciate the changes that take into account the original models, but especially in this type of mods, if the change is notorious with respect to the original line and has something unique, it is always better. As the simple detail of blood in the drowner, with the rest of monsters, if you see yourself capable of "adding" something according to their nature to make them more distinctive, it would be great. (just like the golem lava). But as I said, simply an opinion.

I really miss an aggressive change of monsters, since I really believe that there are mods that improve textures, but not in that way. Surely the next time I start a game to TW will be like the time number thirty something, so I really appreciate the mods that make my new games a more or less novel experience.

Anyways, I will respect the line you want to follow regarding your work.
I've made a lot of changes for some time (some about a year ago), but I never thought about publishing them on nexus. That's why I posted images so quickly .. because they were already ready .. I just had to compare ingame and make screenshots ...

as for the changes I accept any feedback during development .. even if I can not implement some changes to the letter I will definitely take them into consideration.

It's my mod, I'll do only the things that like me :)

the blood on the vanilla monsters is for some reason absent ... probably for censorship or something ... I will add it later where I will consider it necessary ... I will make drastic changes (like the elemental of fire) when I see that the texture it does not correspond to what it should be.

the objectives that I will keep in mind are: more details, more credible and consistent with the name they carry. I will also try to document myself regarding the "Lore-friendly" to see if there is any reference on the description of the monsters and adapt the texture accordingly.

Undoubtedly it is a huge job, but I will take the time I need to do it ... without any ETA

but if any of you want to participate in the beta to help me with the tests .... I will be happy to send you (the beta version) as soon as it is ready (long before the publication on nexus)

but I assure you that the game with this mod will change radically (for the better)
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The truth is that I have already set my eye on this mod and will keep it as you progress.
So regarding the tests, you can count on me when you'll have enough progress to do this "Beta". Good luck and without hurry!
Thanks friend :)

P.S. since you are the chosen one, check your inbox (PM) in a few minutes :)

HUGE Spoiler for you
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