Modding The Witcher 3 : a collection of tools you need

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Dear fellow enthusiasts, I require some Wisdom of yours. I am having great Trouble extracting / converting / getting the textures from the game. Used the Modkit, the correct commands (from the Model Converter HP) and uncooked the game files. Only getting out the xbm's (unconverted).
Could anyone offer advise on this? I'd be very glad.
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game from GOG , ModKitchen 1.0.1


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Is anybody using 3ds max to edit meshes from Witcher 3 instead of Blender ? Can you give some tips and share your methodology?
Gvenvivar;n8763270 said:
game from GOG , ModKitchen 1.0.1
Downloaded the mod kit and followed directions up to where it says run set up and launch wwc_lite.exe but I keep getting that same picture. I don't get it followed the guide I mean it's very sparse with information but yeah it should be doing something right?
Maybe I'm not doing it the wrong way I don't get how to use mod tools/modkit

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All links to W3 Utils Tool seem to be dead... Is it still a useful tool?
So, I recently got into modding The Witcher 3, but I ran into some problems pretty quickly. All I want to do is modify the stats of a weapon, specifically the number of rune slots it has. I decided to test it on the Witcher's steel sword (long steel sword, as it is referred to in the code), but no matter where I look I can't find any statistic that seems to have anything to do with the number of sockets. I checked various mod guides and tutorials, but I didn't find anything that talked about item stats in any kind of detail. I there such a resource or tutorial?
spacegeek37 you must uncook the game. The files are at whichever folder you set for uncooking the game then gameplay\items. You can not go over 3 rune slots for weapons and armors. Or you will have bugs and corrupted gamesaves.

You can download my mod which has 3 rune slots on all weapons armors and even the dlc armors and weapons. i even added 3 rune slots to the crossbows but i think its buggy cant remember if this creates a bug by adding the rune slots to crossbows. It is a massive overhaul of all stats though and is not just rune slots on all weapons and armors so you might not want it. But incase you do.
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Thank you, willief23. I had been looking for a mod that added sockets for all weapons for so long I'm amazed to find one on the nexus. I have to ask, though: which file is it? Also, are the stats in an XML file? I have unpacked bits and pieces of the game, and it seems like the stats in the XML's aren't the ones I'm looking for.
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