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Multiple Match Defeats Due to Client Error [Rope Bug]

I had time to play 2 matches today and try out the new patch. I played them in ranked and lost both of them, because of a "client error" when your "rope" timer reaches 0. My turn wasn't switching to my opponent's turn and just got stuck in "critical rope" state, after which I got an auto-defeat twice. I'm beyond pissed that after waiting for this patch for quite a while, I get this kind of welcome... Fix that asap please.
I'm here to report the exact same Issue, it has happend to me 3 times by now 2 in ranked and one in casual after roping no matter what the turn does not end properly and I get the auto-defeat due to a client error.
It's already a few of us with the same problem! Are we going to get any response from support admin?
this problem is starting after last patch.
i have same problem on thronebreaker and gwent. i tried everyting (re Install drivers, Verify/Repair game, disable antivirus etc..) and YOU ARE WASTING MY TIME
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im so angry
I understand that this is very annoying, but it‘s really best to send a ticket to support.
Hopefully they can figure something out.
I lost few games in this season when my orders on board were not finished in time of my move. Today I lost this way a winning game Hensel agaist Ethne with the last card in hand of R3. Bad matchup and the worst way to auto lose. I saw this bug also on Twitch streams, Freddybabes called it a rope bug. Please fix it.
It's still not fixed. Now with 2.1 patch when this glitch apear game suddenly ends in a draw. Happened to me twice alredy. This drawing option could be abused.
Instead of losses I am now getting draws due to this nonsense. Ticket after ticket. Patch after patch. Are we going to deal with this stuff forever?
Since this bug is related to playing a card or using a charge when the timer runs out, just don't wait until the very last nanosecond. Won't fix the issue, but keeps you from headaches.
I face same bug. First time I noticed it, was previous season (April), when I have got several losses because of that bug. Then for current season (May), bug results in draw instead of loss, so it is "more neutral", but anyway, this bug should not happen in the first place.
Don't you love when CDPR takes weeks to fix bug that should be hotfixed in two days after it became known?