Mysterious Units

I don't know if this is considered a violation of the rules, because these may come from game data files

There's new news on this page. It's more informative
I'm curious where the editor got these
There're even grenadier and Scavengers boomer is really genadier... Do they use Projectile Launch System¿¿¿
Tyger Claws assassin is unexpectedly not sniper. I think this assassin probably isn't the assassin from Big in Japan, because I remember they're either racketeer or tyger, "assassin" just their name. But why there's a "Tyger Claws Sniper" model (I mentioned here)?
It's known that tech ranged and smart ranged are also normal ranged (general shooter). And what creature is techie?
"Officer" is may be the answer to this unsolved mystery... I also noticed that enemies with this icon can be any model, though the 6th Street mob in my post is a general shooter, he has a sniper/netrunner model. The "Maelstrom Harry" also the same situation. His model is random, I saw him as a sniper/fast melee model in another person's video

But this also has an mistake. Valentinos sicario is actually fast shotgunner.
I kind of doubt that "Scavengers Grenadier" might be came from this post from myself... (very probably not cause others affiliations are also have grenadier) Now I feel it's not surprisingly that "medic" appear on this page:whistle:

Edit: I found that I actually have seen a grenadier:D from a Kang Tao NCPD scanner. His unit name is "heavy" and indeed has the same icon of netrunner. I was thinking about "Are Kang Tao netrunners have a high def?" But he has no chance to attack cause my play style.
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