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Need desperate help on fixing "Not Only Eagles Dare" bug.



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Need desperate help on fixing "Not Only Eagles Dare" bug.

I found the chest in the sea so the chest itself is grey on the map but the quest just won't complete. It's the only quest that won't complete itself. I know this was a known issue for the longest time and I'm not sure if it ever got resolved, but after almost complementing the game 100% with every question mark grayed out, I'm extremely reluctant to throw it all away and start a new game just because of this.

So I'm just wondering if there's any possible workaround via console to force the quest away? Any "fact" or quest IDs that I can input into the console to iron this thing out? Any mods available? Any way to do it manually through Windows explorer? I'm willing to try anything. Thanks a ton for any help.


Moving this to Mod Discussions for the quest ID. I'd just recommend finishing whatever else you've got going on before forcing the quest.

If it wasn't too far back, you can try reloading to a point before it appeared in your journal and playing again. Sometimes, it's just a step in the quest that was skipped (like a clue that glows red in witcher vision), even though you "got to the end". Other times, it's possible that you interacted with some part of the quest before the quest actually activated in your journal. Sometimes, there's no way to fix that except forcing the resolution through the console.


I remember that there was a command that would render currently active quest as completed and I think I also had a similar bug. I don't think you can actually have 100% completion since you have to make choices and some will render certain quests as FAILED.


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Even if it's rendered as Failed, Im ok with that. I just want it gone from my active quest log. And there's no way I can revert from a previous save. It's a level 10 quest and I'm bordering on level 50. That ship has long sailed.


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MerseyRockoff;n10483082 said:
Try this in the console:
Genius! I could KISS you right now! Thanks so much! That quest has been a thorn in my side since I decided to 100% my save. The more I cleaned out the game the more OCD I got about it. Thanks again man.