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Need feedback

Hello guys,

I enjoy a good/hard game like PoE, HOMM3, Dota2, SC2 (...) So I decided to try Gwent. Was love at the first sight, since I also played a similar game called Duel Of Champs (reached top 250).
I created an account last year but only played a few casuals and the challenge mode. Now last week I decided to play it again, this time for real (goal: reaching top 1000 or maybe one more zero, idk)

After open all the keg's easy to get + starter pack, and after checking the cards I got I decided to go Monsters. I used this deck to right rank 17 and a think a still can climb a bit more.

I would you guys to give me your feedback and low cost way to improve this last week before HC.


I swapped the third Moonlight + Siren to put Shackles and Alzur Thunder to counter that piece of sh*t called Sabbath.
I found Yrden very strong againts large quantity of boosted units and Hailstorm against row with high/str points.
I'm using Igni because got it yesterday.
I tried Whispess and company but sometimes can mess up my games.

Now im running cyclops, but i feel "meh".... I tried werecat and also lamia, but i dunno!

Right now I have 800 scraps, what can I do to improve this deck?

Best regards,
Oh Vaedermakar thanks mate, i guess I could give it a try, but its only 8 points the 2 foglets and i can proc them using dagon and woodland spirit
But if you don't get woodland spirit you can't proc the second one. Also, vadermakar provides you with alzur's thunder if needed. much better to have a thunder off a body than straight from hand. If you are going boon and hazard I would say all in. So another siren. If you want a lock I would craft morvudd, he is silver. Again, better to play off a body than from hand. I think yrden and igni conflict with each other, so I would trade one out for whispess tribute (gold if you have her) and if you don't geels or royal decree perhaps.
Yeah, besides... if your opponent can't get rid of the weather, Vaedermakar creates a lot more points than 8 (technically it's 10, because you also do 2 damage with the weather effect). The flexibility makes cards like that pretty useful. And you have several cards that depend on fog, so it would make sense to use it.

Anyhow, I don't feel like you have that many great decoy targets at the moment, so that card could be replaced.
Also Mardroeme instead of M. Venom is usually a better choice...

Personally, I'd rather have 3 sirens than two. Another option of course would be to have two of each bronze card and add the gold card Ciri Nova to the list (instead of Yrden for example).

And yeah, D. Shackles really isn't the best card at the moment (there are only a few exceptions but this doesn't seem to be one of them). Morvudd is definitely more interesting.