Nekotama, useless

Shakes so much that it's worse than having Parkinson's. You will never hit anything. Further from the target the worse it gets and for being a sniper you should be a great distance away.
Forget Nekomata, go Grad instead.

For Nekomata shaking I blame perks. I don't know which ones exactly but it wasn't shaking so baddly at first...

Not exactly the sniper riffle but if you are up to Tech weapons try Widow Maker (iconic precision riffle). With good scope it's almost same good. It shakes a bit but nothing in comparision to Nekomata.
You are missing the point. Nekomata was clearly implemented as an expensive weapon, so you can craft and sell it to rich simps. It's the Aston Martin of cyberpunk weapons
The shake doesn't matter too much when you can just line up a new shot and try again, not like anyone is going to hurt you from behind that wall you are shooting through anyway...
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