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Nerf Yrden



There are so many other removal options and it is so annoying when I am playing a st boost deck and my oponent plays Yrden in the last turn and I get -30+. I think it should be changed to set the highest unit(s) to the basepower.


Totally agreed, it's annoying, really, every single game I lost today was just because of this card, I'd be winning by 30 points, with the enemy having yrden card only, just to play it and I lose.
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Why i don't want Yrden to be nerfed.

I agree that he can shut down an overextended Buff deck but the alternative is worse.

They already nerfed Scorch and put Igni out of commission. If they nerf Yrden Buff becks will have little to no counters. So the next step (patch) will most likely destroy the buff archetype.
I'd either rework the card or maybe increase the priovisions with +1 to 12 and decrease the body to 3. At the moment it's way too strong. It counters Tall monsters, consume monsters, thrive monsters (pretty much almost all monsters decks), beastmaster SK, filavandrel buff/dwarves, any greatsword SK deck, magne division, eskel-pathfinder and many more.
And it's even hard to brick because you can always heal up your units as a backup plan, and gives a 4 point body.
Way too much versatility for 11 provisions. Best Geralt card without any close competition.

P.S.: I've even seen Tall monster decks to use it. Now that control is a bit more expensive (scorch, gigni changes, etc), the best alternative to fight Tall monsters is if you go taller. But then they Yrden you as last move and that's it. Or you both Yrden each other which is hilarious and the luckier man wins.
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