New Metro Narrative.

Dear CDPR,

Having played the Ukrainian classic FPSs Metro 2033, Last light and Exodus. I'm very dissapointed that you did not make as much of an effort with the Metro narrative in your recent, long awaited Metro expansion.

Please make more effort in the future.

Best regards.

Idk about it needing a narrative, but the way it’s set up currently feels like one of the least immersive features of the game.

I (foolishly, I suppose) assumed we’d be able to walk around the platforms, physically get on the train, and actually be able to move around them. At the very least, a camera outside the train similar to third person in a vehicle would have been nice to appreciate the verticality of the city. We really don’t get to, otherwise.

This just feels like fast travel with a cut scene you can clunkily look around. I appreciate their effort here, it just feels half-baked.
I've said since release day, unused metro tunnels are the perfect place to encounter a cyberpsycho.

I just tried it out.

What a waste of time. I thought at minimum I'd be able to move about.

What else is in this 16GB update? The screen space reflections are still grainy as hell.
The NCART/metro was just cut content that should have been in the game from launch, that's all.

If CDPR didn't bork the game's development, they might have done more with it.
If this was all the NCART feature was going to be, it feels like it would have been a better suited feature to mention in the middle — not at the top like it’s this big immersive highlight addition.
Looks like I'm gong to buck the trend here, yes it's a shame that you can't move around and the passengers don't either but overall I'm grateful they took the time to add it in. It can't have been a minor job to finish the track and add in all the textures that weren't there before. The city is beautiful, I took a journey at dawn and thoroughly enjoyed the vistas and the light.

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I like the animations they added. I don't need to run around the train personally. Maybe if there was a fight that breaks out, but even then that could be a cutscene-like option similar to the Maelstrom meet up in the beginning of the game.
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