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New Season is now live!



New Season is now live!

The wind is still. Elves are now resting in the Blue Mountains. But a new challenge is about to begin - the Season of Viper has started!

The spoils of war that you fight for this time are:

The School of the Viper shall be reborn… Letho saw to that.

That’s not everything. The new Pro Ladder season also starts today! For more information, check our GWENT Masters page.
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By the way I totally called the Season name one month ago

SrdjanB;n10737251 said:
Dwarfs were OP, next season was Mahakam Season, Bears were OP, next season Bear season, last season Elves were OP now it's Elves season, next season Machines or Viper Witcher season :D


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LevokosM;n10896531 said:
Again without balance patch. Dead game.
Balance patch is coming in May. Don't know even the approximate date or in which week, but there is one in May.


rrc;n10896621 said:
Balance patch is coming in May. Don't know even the approximate date or in which week, but there is one in May.
After tournament (20-th may). So, we need to wait 1 month more and play with 4 month same meta?
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Muffliato;n10896401 said:
Yay! :D

"Cottonmouth" would be an awesome title, but there is no way I can even get to top 10k, let alone stay there. :p
only takes R20 and between 4000 and 4100


No change...Greatswords, Viper Witchers, Brouver-Barclay-Cleaver, Wardancers everywhere. Lost 10 matches in Casual (you know: CASUAL, not competitive, fun-decks, no ladder, etc) against Tier 1 decks. I have enough of this ... It's a shame, when Rank 20-21 players play Tier 1 decks in CASUAL! The season is live, go there and play brocken decks in Ranked and let the others have fun. There you can enjoy the stale and broken (4 months unchanged) meta. I'm very angry now...


Rewards are different than in the game client. I assume those borders in the photo are there by mistake because it doesn't fit Viper school theme at all.


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DoubleDealer;n10898381 said:
The first two frames have a viper medallion at the bottom.
oh, i look well, there is a medallion in the bottom.
i thought whether it was garbage. haha
btw, this armor is the initial equipment for geralt ?