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New ST Movement ideas

Trying to get my head around all the changes in Homecoming, but glad to see ST movement is still possible - though very different than before.

Edit - made some changes using shiny new deck builder:
Reddit thread to support the creators.

So far I've been testing the following deck, currently at 164 provision points. Continuing to iterate on it while slowly climbing.

Leader - Brouver (aka the new Zoltan - same movement ability but can be spread across turns/rounds).

Geralt: Aard - Finisher with Sentry.
Operator - Sentry or Brigade depending on draws.
Ida Emean - have barely been encountering any weather so decided the 7 point play if no artifacts to destroy is better than only 5 points with Iris.
Nivellen - can move allied row Brigades or enemy row for Sentry combo/setup for Aard/Lacerate.
Ciaran - necessary lock and movement.
Malena - lots of value if it sticks on the board.

Dol Blathanna Sentry x2 - mainly used melee for damage, but ranged for buffing is possible depending on matchup.
Vrihedd Brigade x2 - alternative damage helping with more consistent engine draws.
Elven Swordmaster x2 - removal bait or good round damage if left on the board.
Vrihedd Dragoon x2 - usually moving Brigades or lining up opponents. May swap these for something else as usually I prefer drawing other cards.
Vrihedd Sapper x1 - consistency between drawing this or Ida.

Renew - allows engines etc to be used across rounds.
Necromancy - same as above, just with bronze restriction.
Royal Decree - helps with draw consistency, can pull any of the above units.

Lacerate x1 - cheaper finisher than Regis (I'm still trying to fit him in the deck though).
Morana Runestone - usually hits something good and can provide additional core engines.
DShackles x2 - I'm finding these more flexible than Rock Barrage, even if only 3 points. May swap with further testing.
Wyvern Scale Shield x2 - can preserve units on board and provide useful opening plays (no unit targets for reactive control). Not crucial to the deck so doesn't matter too much if they get removed.
Mahakam Ale x1 - locks can't unlock now (afaik) so this is very useful against lock-happy opponents. At worst it's a 4 point buff to preserve engines.

So far I'm liking some of the synergies although still learning how to play and changing a few things to counter new decks I come up against. Would like to see what others come up with for new movement - maybe including weather etc. :)

Gameplan - depends on the opening draw. The main synergies to bear in mind are Aard + Sentry and Malena + Brigade. This also determines Operator priority - Brigade or Sentry.
Nivellen is quite flexible and can be used after lining up Brigades on allied row, or on opponent's row if having Sentries out.
Openings are usually Swordmasters (especially if going first as you buff it immediately), or Wyvern Scale Shield, or potentially Sentry/Operator. Ideally not using Brigade unless there's a target or a loss of 2 point damage. Morana Runestone can also be used early/as an opener for an expendable bronze.
If drawing Renew/Necromancy in opening hand, good to play core engines for res targets in later rounds.

Matchups (very rough atm, still learning new things):
- the Monster deck that fills rows. This deck doesn't work if the opponent fills their rows (Nivellen can be a dead card and Aard can be neutered) so crucial to remove and keep enough spaces to move cards around. Keep Lacerate in hand and use before opponent buffs units beyond 2 points.
- Deathwish - try not to kill units fully, just reduce their points and make sure to save a lock for Ge'els.
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Is that 9 golds? That the maximum? If so, i'll tweak my immune deck
That's the maximum number of points, capped at 165. You can put whatever cards as long as the total provision is less than or equal to 165.

Hmm that's an interesting thought regarding immunity. Will just have to keep testing and adapt if seeing any potential hardcounters.

On a separate note I wanted to fit Hanmarvyn's Blue Dream to grab another engine after operator and killing it, but at a costly 11 points it means having to lose something else higher up.
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Us ST players "Have to stick together" My immune deck is still in it's infancy. There's only 5 cards that have it and you can't alter them after they've been played

Very much a W.I.P.

Very soon it will become apparent what works for each faction. Usually only one or to variations work. Immune is one for ST. But, it might not be viable.
Update - so far in casual testing have had positive results vs various decks including NG reveal.

But I need to see how things fare against heavy control decks. In any case it seems engines tend to live longer unlike in beta where Marksmen would just get deleted the instant they appeared on the board. And the nice thing is now there are kind of 4 cards rather than 3 (well 6 if you could Swordmasters as engines and removal bait - always playing these early to preserve the other engines). Before only DBMarksmen could do any damage for movement, now both the VBrigade and DBSentry can deal damage, just with different tactics - which allows more flexibility when using with Malena, Brouver, Operator and Nivellen.

Brouver's pretty awesome now - it's like having old Zoltan as a free play any turn which can be spread across turns/rounds. Very strong leader for this.

Only Aard is really restricted by needing to combo with DBSentry, so that is usually my Operator and Renew/Necromancy targets.
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This is my version that i had the most success with after many hrs of trying and testing:

🌟Brouver the Mover

★ Golds :
- Ragnarock
- Geralt : Aard
- Regis [ The obvious finisher ]
- Skellige Storm
- Aelirenn [ I have issues triggering her atm :s ]
- Roach
- Avallac
- Vaedermakar
- Ida [ Many use artifacts and you can't risk not having some tech, Artifacts can produce too much potential ]
- Toruviel [ Semi-finisher, although you can argue she doesn't have synergies here, she is not bad either]
- Ciaran [ Much needed locks because engines etc. ]
- Malena [ Obvious synergy and it does work, but i guess i can try other things here. She works ok though ]

Bronzes :
- Vrihedd Sapper [ I found a use for him once or twice, it's ok, same reason as Ida obviously ]
- Strays of Spalla x2
- Dol Blathana Centry x2 [ If you can make it stick on the board you have a lot of potential value ofc. ]
- Vrihedd Dragoon x2
- Elven Swordmaster x2 [ This is a card i use as a decoy, sort of, before Centry. You may try other things i guess ]
- Neophyte x2 [ Primarily i wanted him as a body to help thin with Aelirenn, but this "meta" is pure damage, it is hard to stick anything on the board honestly ]
- Blue Mountain Elite x2 [ Can get rid of engines at the start of a round ]

Gwent 2018-10-24 17-31-42-824.jpg

Gwent 2018-10-24 17-31-38-302.jpg
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Nice, some fresh ideas there. I've been considering putting some weather and effects in there, but struggling for provision points. I'm kind of addicted to Necromancy and Renew as well as Royal Decree which are costing a lot of provision points. Maybe I could give up Operator and change the gameplan.

Regis is a good shout.

Sapper is an awesome idea, and cheap artifact removal - having a 4 point body is better than DBomb with the amount of elves in these decks. I will test swapping DBomb out for it. Edit - damn it has 5 provision points, DBomb has 4. :( Hmm will have to rearrange some things. Ida looks good but if I had to choose between her and Iris I'm leaning towards Iris for the effect clear.

It's a weird thing with artifacts - either I run into a deck which has loads of them, or a deck which has zero. Kind of finding it difficult to find a balance for how much to tech against it without either having dead cards in certain matchups or having no answer to others.
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I feel like Movement decks almost have to include Regis right? Moving everything to one row for possible 19 point finisher with Regis.
I'm struggling to find a free 11 points for Regis. Lacerate could work reasonably well as a 7 point alternative with no body. Could drop two 6 point cards like Serpent Trap and Runestone for Lacerate and a 5 point bronze.

But maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree with Operator for engine duplication. Only time and further testing will tell.
I feel like Movement decks almost have to include Regis right? Moving everything to one row for possible 19 point finisher with Regis.
Yes actually. But it's not that i tried everything, he is just the obvious (easy) finisher atm. But Regis alongside Toruviel feel quite synergistic for me atm. with Brouver movement decks.
Great theme to discuss - movement!

Consider Nivellen is a beast. So Call of the Forest can hit Roach or a Panther to tutor for this powerful finisher. You could also use this on a Rot Tosser which is just gold when you get the opportunity. Can also call Augara if you were desperate to lock or unlock something.
Great theme to discuss - movement!

Consider Nivellen is a beast. So Call of the Forest can hit Roach or a Panther to tutor for this powerful finisher. You could also use this on a Rot Tosser which is just gold when you get the opportunity. Can also call Augara if you were desperate to lock or unlock something.
I've been having more success with Handbuff lately as in the other thread so kind of ignored movement a bit - also the engines are so vulnerable it can be tough to get the combos off against some decks. It's a bit sad that the "meta" movement decks so far on some websites don't even use half the movement engines, but instead only using Brouver and Dragoons to line up row damage. The Sentry+Aard combos are too fragile sometimes that it just results in using Aard on it's own. I dunno it just feels a bit disconnected and definitely weaker than most decks at the moment - that's if trying to build around Sentries, Brigades, Malena, Nivellen and Aard. It's funny given I can get better results vs greedy point buffing decks with a single Yrden than any Aard combo. :(

But I really like what you're saying regarding Call of the Forest - had no idea you could use it on Cow Carcass to get Nivellen out or some other beast. Will try and incorporate it in a deck. :)