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Nilfgaard's Albrich Doubling card bug.

Hi. I'm relatively new to the game, caught a few ideas and managed to understand the game by myself and even crafted a deck for myself in the absence of tutorials and premade decks online, mostly because the cards i'm seeing in game seem to be quite different from the cards i see online.

One of the cards i crafted for my custom deck was Albrich, which is great all around for my needs. However, when i use it to move a card to the top (in this instance it was nauzicaa sergeant) it does so and when i check my current deck to see which cards are still in it i notice that there is a base copy of a card i moved to the top of my deck still in there. Using Royal Decree i can't actually summon a 3rd unit of that card but it's still shown as being in the deck, which can be misleading in a 3rd turn, for example if i moved Leo Bonhart or Tibor and used him in my 1st turn, i can sometimes forget that i used him because i often check my deck to plan ahead, and not my graveyard, i dont summon anything from it.

This isn't by any means a game-breaking bug, more of an annoyance, and i just thought i'd post it here to be noted and hopefully fixed in a later patch.

I'll add the snapshot i made when i get back home to my pc.

As a side note, i also noticed another bug with the Serrit/Auckes combo. Someone used Auckes to lock my alba armoured cavalry while also having Serrit in hand and when i used royal decree to summon an alba armoured cavalry that same turn (because i doubted he had serrit in hand) it showed as being locked. I still played it just for it's power and because i had nothing better left in my deck but when placed it still triggered its deploy ability although it was shown as locked when i picked it. It wasn't locked anymore once i placed it though, so i was a bit confused. Later on the guy placed Serrit so he definitely had him in hand.
The first issue sounds like a visual bug with the deck tracker, and that picture should make things clearer.

The latter sounds like a bug, too. Hard to reproduce to confirm, though. :unsure:
I know it's a visual bug, as i said you can't actually summon a 3rd version of the card even with royal decree, but it's still kind of annoying, although i can just double check if i have the card in my deck or not by looking in the graveyard, so as i said it's not that big of an issue, just thought i'd point it out.

Here is the picture i promised, it clearly shows 3 nauzicaa sergeants, which we can't have (riots) because you can only have 2 identical common cards in your deck (riots again).