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No servers PS4 - can't play gwent online


PS4 user here, can't seem to connect to any online matches of gwent in PS4.

Always receive the same message, in all game modes, Arena, casual or ranked play always gets the same message:

NO SERVERS - Our servers are completely overloaded! Please try again in a few minutes.

I have been getting this message since the update, never happened before during the Beta phase.

Anyone know if there is any issue with PS4 online play? Shouldn't it be open? Can't seem to find any info about this.

Any help will be much appreciated,

Perhaps try uninstalling the game and then reinstall it.
Thanks for the reply,

I just did that but the issue persists. Store and all options seem to work fine, is just the matchmaking that doesn't work.

I submitted a request to support to see if its something related to my account since it does not seem to be global, let's see

When you uninstalled Gwent, have you also deleted the Gwent folder in Gog Galaxy > Games? You might want to try that if you haven't.
Thanks for the reply,

but I'm on playstation4, don't have that folder. Deleting the saved game folder might help? afraid it might delete info's of my account that i do not want to loose since i have a lot of scrap from the beta.

Waiting on the support ticket reply,

I got the same problem, before the PS4 Patch on Friday i took maybe a few seconds to find a opponent now after the Patch it takes around 5 minutes if i`m "lucky" but most of the time the search runs for around 10 minutes and gives me the server error message. It`s unplayable at the moment.