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Northern Realms Witch hunters



Northern Realms Witch hunters

Helo, players, developers! So my discussion question is: what is the best way of witch hunters applying? I like the card but have no ideas on deck structure with this card so it could be compatible. They are not so powerful, and there are not so many mages in other decks...


You can use them on your own mage/mages. Just have one on the board. They work with Blue Stripe Commando as well.


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If you see high points card they just reset it to base power, like Peter in NG, great card that witch hunters


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I like this card a lot but I understand the issues in trying to use them in a deck. The reset ability to debuff enemy cards is great but it's difficult to get them in your hand. If you can get one out, you can get them all out by targeting your own mages, but then you're stuck being able to only debuff one enemy card.


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Yeah, im interested in this card as well, but havent figured out a way to optimize their effect. I'll try to do a mage deck, to see if there are good strategies that come up and share them here afterwards.

At the top of my mind, Sabrina can be a good target, since when you put her on the opponents field he'll probably try to either buff it so you cant kill her, or lock it (and you have to find another way)


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So, yeah, yesterday i built a NR deck with all the mages i could fit in: 4 Gold Sorceresses, 4 Silver Mages (still need Sabrina, Pavetta & Dethmold), 3 adepts, 2 witch hunters and 2 of that new mage unit that lets you mulligan for a spell (dont have 3 of those new cards yet).

So far the deck doesnt have good synergy, but i found a few possibilities:

Stammelford Tremor might be a good option - you damage everyone (plenty of mages on your side hopefully), and if you kill someone on either side, you get a 6pt unit. Then call the witch hunters who can reset your damaged mages to base, and the last can reset a possible super buffed enemy.

If you get more than 1 witch hunter on your hand, use a mulligan mage to trade him for a spell.

Pavetta, which ive never seen used on OB, might be a good option for such deck, but i need to get her to test it.


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Foltest, 3 adepts, dethmold, Keira (aeromancy into skellige storm), 3 witch Hunters and 3 bsc as a base. You can nearly guarantee to have a mage on board. Play low tempo to start with weather and foltest, if they pass early, drop Witcher hunter for 24 pt swing. Don't use it on own mage if opponent buffs a lot or Vs mill guard. Great card


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The way you use witch hunter is just as a deck thinner not as something that you build an entire deck around. Like seriously Witch hunter are basicly Mardroeme on steroids.

And if you use Philippa you can use witch hunters on her as a trigger for other witch hunter to come out. And if you need to reset more than 1 unit you could just use WH as a basic unit that resets and play reaver scout to bring out the other one. Witch hunters has won me a lot of games against decks that use farseer and any kind of buff deck. Like the axeman deck or the armour deck.

And having a mage on board is pretty easy tho. Just don't think too hard about it and the enemy would brings out a mage by himself


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I typically use them 'interchangeably' with Mardroeme - I like to have 1 or 2 when fighting SK dwarves or other "buff" players. Good swing against Cynthia from NG. Also if you plan to use Sabrina or Iris and can't keep card advantage, they are a little insurance against the opponent buffing them out of the kill range (since Mardroeme will remove them from the board without triggering the deathwish)


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So, ive actually crafted Pavetta and added her to my mage deck. Dont make the same mistake that i did - her ability only works when you have at least another bronze/silver on board besides her.

She can be really good, but only on situations where you know what the opponent will play, and it will be a high value card - ex. Trollolo.

I've also added Sabrina, but i've only been able to use her once and it didnt pay off at all, now i know why no one uses her anymore... Maybe i'll replace her with Dethmold.


The card should be reworked in the way that second Witch F... Hunter should be summoned only if the targeted by first WH unit has been reset. Cause right now people just abuse this bs. Like playing tutor first adn then play WH on their own mage and each WH summon blue stripes commando. 27 points in two turns + deck thinning by 7 cards.


xDivinity;n9517041 said:
Deck thinning by 7 cards ok.And how do you plan to win the next rounds ?
That's not an issue. You can even play a more traditional NR armor deck, if you want to. A lot of Radovid decks run this combo (even though Foltest gets you even more points here). Of course you shouldn't necessarily limit yourself to 25 cards.

The only problem of the combo is that you usually have to waste it pretty early in the game, so that your draws don't get messed up in round 2 and 3.


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I know i use them myself as well.In some situations i regret i waste them for tempo or deck thinning,instead of saving them for a huge reset.


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I dont like that they pull another from deck when the mage is not damaged. Nerf is required