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NR post Gold Immunity patch



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NR post Gold Immunity patch

I went through most of the changes concerning NR and I am not entirely sure which kind of decks would be working well at this point. Let us go through some of the more obvious changes (adding numbers for reference and ignoring changes just of pure numbers).

1. Henselt became extremely conditional and limited. Comboing Reavers is out, KS are not worth using this on anymore as well and he is not even useful in the armor-achetype because most cards there are Redanians. Still possible are siege support and siege weapons in general. But he has got the crew-tag now to compensate? Yay?
2. BSS got the former KS ability, but again, with conditions (only units with the Temeria-tag). So while decks like the former Foltest decks are still possible your options to adjust to the current meta are limited.
3. Trio is gone. Not that it saw much use outside of reavers...
4. With the change to Igni, Temerian infantry is less likely to get wiped out on masse by it (3 * 7 was Ingi-able before, but not enough now)
5. Reaver hunters lost the option to get buffed by KS or the new replacement for it, also 3). The only way to buff them to previous levels seems to be using the field medic to swap them back to the deck, but is that really worth the hassle?
6. Light Cav lost the option to get buffed by other cards and will now always be at 12 or 15 in Folest decks. As a result, playing a spy to get them to proc seems to be not quite worth it anymore in points, because you just barely make up for the points that the spy gave the enemy.
7. Kaedweni siege master seems to basically be the same, although it does not remove locks anymore, which was not much of an issue.
8. Poor flanking infantry joins the fray and looks to be a decent groupbuff platform by providing tokens (that I presume are not buffed if you played BSS before although they have the Temeria-tag).
9. KS has the former BSS ability (clear weather).
10. The new ram has some power, but does that make a pure siege deck viable?
11. The new Temerian war drummer might look like an interesting target for Henselt assuming the round will go on for a while.
12. The improved siege tower does not have armor anymore and looses the fringe anti-weather abilities it might have had if siege decks ever took off, but got some raw strength instead.
13. Tridam got an interesting new possible buff option, but requires the quite exotic officer-tag (KS is the only other bronze, and then there are a few silvers and golds with it).
14. Ban-Ard tutor is new, and my localization is not specific on whether you can choose the card to replace your mulligan with or if it is random based on the possible cards. The former might be useful in a reactive deck (like control Rad.), the latter might be a little too random for those.
15. Stennis now hands out armor, but considering running armor with Henselt as a leader seems not viable I doubt that deck has enough tempo options for round 1 to make anoth slow card like this one work.
16. Ves now provides mulligan options. Nut sure that was something NR needed, though it might help the bigger deck archetypes to get the things they need.
17. Trollolo generates crazy amounts of armor and might be used to in the armor-archetype or to block fog? It has a pretty massive body for a silver...
18. Bloody baron was not changed, but golds being targetable reduces his chances of surviving drastically. I doubt if Radovid control will still have space for that one since it does not combo with Borkh anymore.
19. Natails can call tactic-cards from the deck (bronze ones do not seem to exist, reinforcement, commanders horn and marching orders mostly), so he might see use to help with deck-thinning?
20. Keira cannot quen anymore and might be prone to kill herself accidently, or a low-power gold on the field somewhere. Think we already had a thread on that topic, I am sad to see one of our good flexible cards getting limited to slightly better thunderbolt potion.

Anyone brave enough to try things out yet? As sad as it is to admit, I have been playing Nilfgaad since the patch because I am just not sure what to do with NR at all at this point.


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I'm trying out a kaedweni siege deck with some redanians mixed in.

Its pretty interesting what you can do with 1 ballista, seige support, and Henselt if the math all works right.

But what good is hoping it will? I'm pretty bummed about all the nerfs to NR - I'm not sure I know how I'm gonna make it work anymore.

Edit - I've been winning pretty consistently. People are not used to playing with vulnerable gold cards. I think I might try to perfect this siege angle.
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Armour is insanely good with shani and trollolol and the other two guys. Keira into skellige storm is great. Witch hunter targeting your own mage with 3 commando and foltest is also crazy with +24 and 5 cards thin.. it's honestly crazy good. I am 10-1 so far using all the above comobs at rank 9-11


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Sorry for double post, don't know how to edit. Tutor is pick an alchemy card or spell card.. which is actually quite limited in bronze. Only thunder bolt, tremmor and thunder is any good.. doesn't do lacerate or clear sky etc.. d shackle is available but is there much point using it.


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For those looking for ideas: I am only at rank 12 at the moment, but even in the crazy mulligan situration that we are in right now I have had good success and fun playing two cards that I would have laughed at a week ago: Stennis and John Natalis. It is along similar lines as this one: (I run very slightly different special cards and units). Generating about 10 power each turn for just having certain cards on board is pretty crazy, but with Coral depowered watch out for Merigold's... because loosing 50 board strength to that card is not THAT entertaining...
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I found some success with machines (put in all types except basic Trebuchets) and the two Kaedwen bronzes that best synergize with them. Henselt can pull any of my bronzes except Thunderbolt Potions, so he's extremely unlikely to end up being a dead card.

So much fun smashing stuff with machines, especially now that golds can be affected too. :D


Dislike current northern realms

Some NR changes are painful and gives the faction unecessary complexity.

All Northern Realms Kings always worked together against Nilfgaard. If we consider Gwent a simulator of a total faction war, the NR kings would probably work together against Scoiatel, Monsters, Skellige and Nilfgaard.

Otherwise, the Wild Hunt soldiers should not be consumed by a vampire card as Eredin would not allow that. Each skellige unit must be loyal and buff only a certain skellige noble family.

There is no point of making Henselt able to call only Kaweden cards if Foltest are able to buff all cards. The Crinfid Reavers are a MERCENARY group, why Henselt is unable to call them?

NR now has poor versatility and poor combo options because of sub-faction implementation.


The changes are unnecessary regardless the lore. They give an unwanted complexity that kills versatility and combo options. NR cards should be able to affect any NR card.


Thank you Tshjo, using it now. But I love Henselt belly more, his deep voice saying "if you want peace, fight for it"


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No. No. No. No.

OP has an excellent point. Why are we ditching that just because someone came up with a new version of an old deck???

The factions don't make sense. If this was TRULY LORE then well, Redanian's would be dominant over Temerians would they not??

The nerfs make no sense if we are talking about lore and sub-factions. I agree with OP. NR has been nerfed in a very over-complicated and unnecessary way.

I will continue to play this game as NR as I *always have* and right now there is really only one viable deck for NR. Which is ridiculous. Even then, it relies on strength only. Laaame.


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Lets also not forget the Crinfid reaver hunters were a brothers trio.The trio ability may seemed strong but at least it was closer to the card lore.Also it was easy to shut down.


Hyrenapth Thread merged with existing one in Tactician's Corner > Northern Realms.

As a general note, if you have nothing to add to a thread, it's a good idea to not post there at all.


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Btw did anyone ever notice that Kaedwani Siege Support is literally a direct upgrade from Temerian drummer? The potential value from summoning more than unit each round is bigger than the value of drummer buffing only 1 unit. Plus it's more controllable than the random buff

I mean the only way Siege Support would have less value than drummer is when he did not play any unit which is kinda impossible if he is running Temerian Drummer. And the only advantage that drummer provide is they would stagger your power a bit but is that better? No one is running scorch and most of the time the scorch would not kill more than 1 unit and playing around Igni is relatively easy too just takes you not being careless.


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Well combining them is the really evil part. Ive been hit hard by 3 temerian drummers + 2 siege support + ballista when i tried some skellige decks.

Also the nerf hit me hard but ive arranged, the combo with Stennis, Trololo, Shani and Dun Banner Heavy can be quite evil. Ive tried a deck with no siege units at all and i win often enough to consider it a working deck. (from rank 7 to 9 in about 12 matches)

Also I'm not a person who plays "meta" decks at all, i always do them from scratch how i believe they might work out. Copying good decks from gwentdb, beating people and feeling good about my "skill" seems like a dick move
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