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Old Patch Notes



Old Patch Notes

Am I only one who still see old patch notes from June in Patch Notes ?Shouldn't it be already changed ?


Please, completely delete Gwent, including the (save)data when asked, then reinstall the game. The patch should be updated properly then.


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Wrong Patch notes that cost me 2 golds cards

Sorry for my bad English. I have a problem that annoys me.

I chose premium hjalmar (that I already own) in my starter pack instead of premium shani (which I do not own) because hjalmar is in the full mill refund list in the game. Same probleme with succubus that is on the full mill refund list. Unfortunately I learned later that the in game list was wrong.

Is there a possibility that I get the full mill value for this 2 cards? Or at least my premium shani back in exchange of hjalmar?

Normally I would not post this type of subject but I paid with real money and I am cheated for an internal error in the game. Thank you in advance.


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That is a pretty ridiculous suggestion. There has got to be a better way to show the most recent patch notes.


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4RM3D;n9402481 said:
Please, completely delete Gwent, including the (save)data when asked, then reinstall the game. The patch should be updated properly then.
Can the game work properly without it, since I don't care for patch notes, they are on this site so I can read them anytime.


Initially I thought the old patch was still installed, but it appears that the new patch has the old patch notes.


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Patch notes bug and no full mill value for any cards.

In thr latest patch with 30 cards , the patch notes is showing the changes of previous patch ( july 25) and also the changed cards do not have full mill value. Is it just me or every PS4 user out there that are facing this problem?


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ps4 not displaying proper card changes.

I wanted to check all the ingame card changes since the latest patch, but it is showing me the changes from two months ago (like nithral going to 7 power, while it clearly is a 5 power unit now)


My patch notes are outdated...

My patch notes are dated July 5th 2017 when they look under the news section on PC. Is there a way to update this?


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Patch notes from 5th July?

Ok so I thought this was a random error when the golden immunity patch arrived, but for today's patch I was also greeted with the patch notes from 5th July patch instead of the correct ones. How does something like this pass QA tests before release?

For someone who doesn't follow social media, this can be very misleading, especially if they start milling cards from that list.

The patch notes also seem to be present in 2 different sections of the menu, Options and News, both of which open the notes from 2 patches ago..