Option to disable camera recentering function while driving. (PC)

This mechanic was in TW3 as well and had to be removed with mods. It's designed for gamepad use, not M&K and Is annoying as hell. The reason I use K&M while driving is to have the camera free to look around. Please add an option to disable it. Thanks.


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I'm the complete opposite opinion.

I'm constantly pressing middle mouse in order to get my view back on the track after turning. For me It's 'annoying as hell' that this doesn't happen fast enough automatically.


  • add toggle for camera mode which could be bound to Shift in order to switch between modes:
    • auto focus <-> free camera (mouse/thumbstick)
    • auto focus & free camera <-> centered camera (similar to Rocket League)
  • key binding center camera (currently locked to mouse click mid?)
  • add an option in the menu to determine a "dead zone" for camera movement while driving, so the timer for the camera reset won't be interrupted when accidentally moving the mouse.

  • View:
    • decrease the camera angle in order to look more straight forward. (Yes, we saw that Ray Tracing on the roof. ;)
    • increase camera height by a hair
    • and add more g-force that pushes the camera back when accelerating
    • Increase horizontal FOV while driving in 16:9 and 4:3.
    • add option for camera stiffness (similar to Rocket League)
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