Patch 1.07 coming soon to all platforms!

AWESOME JOB fixing this bug in pc 1.07 CDPR!

This bug, which I and many others started to slowly notice we all had a couple of weeks ago was NOT something I thought CDPR was going to be able to find, let alone fix, in this patch for the pc version (thought I heard someone say XB v. might have had it as well).

The bug was very hard to notice if you weren't looking for, but once you saw it, it became near unbearable. It's quite possible many more pc players had it and didn't realize they did. The short explanation is trees and bushes vibrated in the wind at what seemed like 10-15 fps. The water effects looked choppy and oddly shimmery. The sparks and effects from signs would stutter, and snow and rain would fall in slow-motion during any kind of storm.

I know at least 4 of us that sent in our gamesaves and user settings over the last 2 weeks, and I personally exchanged multiple emails about my settings and my experience with the bug (Sup Kuba!).

Clearly, you guys were working your butts off this last week to get this thing whipped, and DAMN you did a great job! THANK YOU to all the devs and techs who solved and tested for this, and many other fixes in 1.07. Great, great work guys!
Yes, because in the download list exist a patch 1.02 + 1.06 delivered separately (german filter on Top).

I just switched to english and and downloaded the english patch and installed it over my German version. It seems to work and I even got a German ingame message about the new chest. So I think there are no different patches for different languages. I assume they just didn't update the german download section on the site
LOL this has been one hell of a mess. Consoles get it first and it works fine but PC gamers still have to wait as GoG doesn't have enough bandwidth for all the people downloading.
People have been waiting for this patch since yesterday and now we still can't get it. Typical.
Still no Patch showing on GOG in Germany, neither in Galaxy Client - repair in Galaxy brings up a bunch of errors, CTRL+ F5 on GOG Site does change nothing, still no Patch 1.07...
I was never one to complain about patch being late on the forum, but you guys said when it's ready it will be ready. I was fine with that..
but this isn't fine, the patch is ready, but its NOT READY.... you must have expected this server issues to happen, did you not ??
you should have done something to prepare for the server load make it a smooth transition for everyone...
I mean you already have a lot of annoyed people as it is, this isn't helping
So has anyone got it installed yet? How is it? Is it worth downloading? Any bugs on the PC version?

The alt movement is a definite improvement. The filter tab in the inventory is as well, but it's a separate panel you have to enter and exit, not the most elegant solution. It should just be symbols off to the side like in TW2. I'm getting a video disturbance that looks like screen tearing but kinda not. It's weird, but probably on my end.
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Does anybody have the Ciri DLC through Steam :eek:? Can't locate it. Isnt available for me under dlc and didn't download with the patch.

did you select english instead of german? Because I live in Germany too and I already have the the patch. I used the english one without any problems so far, as I say in my last post.
This is why...

CDPR, see how much trouble GOG is having?

This is why you do NOT release patches on a weekend. If you had stuck to your original promise and released the PC patch yesterday alongside consoles, this wouldn't be near as bad as it is today. Not only can I not still download the patch, now your service is having problems.

Let's just hope you learn and start releasing patches in the middle of the week from now on.
@Meister_Lampe, give me a sec. i´ll try it out...

[EDIT:]nope, Galaxy Connections are tottaly messed up, the Client is flipping out, nothing i can do about it and on the GOG Page there is still Patch 1.06 the only one to download...
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Any ETA on when the files can actually be downloaded from

Currently, merely states that the patch is 'coming soon'. Such a tease.
Thanks for 1.07!

-Love the alternative movement (PC Keyboard and Mouser)
-Love the Stash
-Love the Separate Book Tab
-Love the Weightless Alchemy Components

Back to playing! May start a new game even.

Oh, not so much love for resetting all settings. Grrrr.........
Necessary no doubt.


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GOG just deleted it's own latest news section for the patch that was posted 20 minutes ago.... it was there just a while ago and it was getting hammered with negative comments inside it because nobody could download shit.... now I reload GOG and the section is gone, the latest news is the Free DLC 13 from 17 days ago
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