Patch 1.08 Notes

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Thanks for the patch CDPR!

It doesn't look like there is anything fixing the Nobleman Statuette quest bug at the end of Blindingly Obvious and it doesn't look like the Reason of State bug has been fixed either. Hopefully they will be fixed soon!
Ok thanks for the hard work but i haven't read a fix for this bugs : In the 1.07 ,the side quest '' The Nobleman and The Soldier Statuette'' was still bugged,i'm in act 3 and if i talk about the statue to Triss,during the quest ''Blindlingly Olivious'' she start to walk in circle,but if i ask after complete the quest of Philippa,she became stuck in the house where she was in Novigrad,without option to finish the quest and i must say that during act 1 i had complete the quest '''' The Nobleman statue'' ,but after complete the quest '''Blindlingly Olivious'',it's return in my diary..(and it's bugged) and the quest ''Reason Of State '' fail at the start of the final main quest : ''On Thin Ice'',but i have done right the quest before..
Please be clear if this bug is fix in the 1.08!!!

p.s Very Thanks for bring back Shani!!!
That Yennefer needs my pecka!! Tss Tsss Tsss. My mudda always said, Chip, when you out there questin, be sure to give all da girls your special gifts.
Hi Marcin: thanks for sharing this update. Approximately in how much time can we expect this patch to be released? Because of the bugs introduced in Patch 1.07, I haven't installed it yet and really hope that this patch is bug free and released soon.

glitch that make fps drops

this is why my fps goes down near that tree

Just when you pass to the right 1cm is a glitch/bug, you drop under earth and fly to the end of the world

glitch, fix this please

this is near the Opinicus monster

its a possibility that in Novigrad area near Triss's house you get fps drops
glitche's because of glitches like this


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So, what about NPC pop-in, texture's streaming and small draw of distance (thanks to 1.07 patch)?
Yeah, it looks so good when wale appears but when you move a bit further from him, his animation freezes, brakes the whole immersion, this need to be fixed!...

I trust CDPR and have no doubt they will address these issues!...
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give back us geralt's slow walk!!!!
What about that the movement settings were reduced on gamepad (PC). There was 4 movement styles when using gamepad before 1.07 patch, there's 2 only now. Is there any information on this? Uncomfortable to play.:sadtriss:..
The fix I want to see more than anything is the poor gamesave loading on consoles. The code does not check whether or not assets from current area should be used and instead ALWAYS does a full reload. Witcher only retains assets during fast travel from same area to same area. However, if you load a save in same area you hit a 60 second reload no matter what. Heck you could enter an area. Save, turn around and load that same save 2 seconds after and it does a full reload. This should not happen. A simple check that checks save location when loading and if it matches current area, could reduce load time of death reloads down to like 10 seconds.

Before anyone goes, that can't be done. Bullocks. Dragon Age inquisition does exactly that. So do other games. Smart save loading code exists in other console games. I even did a video comparison of DAI vs Witcher 3 on save loading time, Comparing how and why DAI's save loading is better (

The results of my data though were
Fresh load into a new area: Witcher 3: 61 seconds DAI: 37 seconds
Loading save in SAME area you currently are: Witcher 3: 64 seconds DAI: 6 seconds
Fast traveling within same area: Witcher 3: 10 seconds DAI: 6 seconds

Red being full loads, green being quick loads.
Witcher 3 only does "same area" check on fast travel and nothing else. Dragon age performs this check on both fast travel and save loading. What this check does is sees if the game needs to load new assets or if it's able to use the already loaded assets to reduce load time. Point being, if witcher added this simple check to saved data loading, saved data loading should also only take 10 seconds, not 60+ when loading a save within same zone you are currently in (which most of the time, after dying, your most recent auto save IS in current zone).

Again, this is NOT a comparison of 61 to 37 for a full load or 10 to 6 for a quick load. That's a stupid comparison. I'm not comparing loading a zone the size of Velen to loading hissing wastes. I'm comparing where smart loading is used and where smart loading is not used
. A simple check where the game decides if it should reload assets or not. Dragon age simply does this better. Witcher could improve it too with a bit of code improving.

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All platform have the same issue, unfortunately. We have a thread of 35 pages about it, but no official response from CDP yet.
Thanks. If the problem is multiplatform, i realy hope they fix it at 1.08. Uncomfortable to play with this left stick dead zones... like i'm playing on the keyboard.
Wow...the idea with the potion. I can honestly say that I've never seen anything as creative as that...creative and stupid. I mean this a joke? I mean I did laugh. :D

This not only introduces a timer to a game that lives by carefully exploring the world but also does not adress the issue that the gear is only available for a heartbeat, then credits. Yes I know, NewGame+ mode. Still there are people that only play through a game once.
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