Patch 1.5 & Next-Generation Update — list of changes

From what i can tell, all EU users can't download the PS5 update from the store. Myself included. Tried to have the game disc, the data disc, but the store just keeps asking for € 24,99. No way to get the free update :(

EDIT: and yes i know how to upgrade games and the three dots etc... This affects all European users.
Sadly Windows doesn't support DualSense features at the moment, recognising the controller exactly as a DualShock 4
Actually, I don't believe this is true. As long as you have the controller plugged in with a cable, it can use DualSense features. This is already available in a handful of games, including Metro: Exodus, Cold War, and Deathloop. Perhaps they will add DualSense support on PC in a later patch :shrug:
Implemented native achievement support on next-gen consoles. Note that as the next-gen version has a different SKU, PlayStation trophies obtained in backward compatibility will not be transferred.

If I only have 2 trophies left in the ps4 version for platinum. can i make them in the next gen version on PS5?
Or will I have to do them all again in this new version?

Thanks for the great job
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kill every process with Nahimic in it. Sometimes it seem too start anyways but its like 1 in 40 chance
son of a gun, that worked! thanks!
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When will this game get proper southpaw controller options? I keep having to change the configs my self and every time this game updates it over writes them, super annoying. And we need southpaw for on foot and in vehicle as separate options too.
FFS at level 50 and now cant use Overwatch or a bunch if weapon mods to full potential as it requres body 10? If this was the case there should have been a full attributes reset as welll as perks
The new world map apart from the little delay when opening causes some slowdowns that feels like framerate drops for me that were not there before. Also the character creation when opening. Is this normal?
Yes it was. 🙄 Devs spoke about it in interviews. They wrote articles about it. I pre ordered the game from the beginning.
People have been asking for it since it was suppose to be part of the game at launch.
Can you share these articles or interviews? Specific quotes? Because I haven't found any that mention new game plus since launch. If it was ever mentioned, it was a part of DLCs. If you're so confident about that, it should be easy to provide some actual proof.
Thank you for your work and the update.

Now to decide how I want to handle it with my various characters/playthroughs.

Honeslty, I ended all my playthroughs with more than 50K common components, 20K uncommon and more than 1K for others... So not a problem at all :)
(upgrade the same weapon again and again and again is the best way. Xp earned each time is increased and become exponential).
Then you probably did not craft much. Because, just get from level 13 to level 14 in crafting you need 17337 crafting xp. I vididly remember that I had destroy nearly every unneeded weapon/ammo just to get enough for crafting of higher level/rarity components.
Still no New Game Plus? Why should I bother downloading it again and having to grind again with what it seems a more difficult crafting system to level up?
But it seems that the users you don’t care about the users who preordered or bought the game on consoles years ago
OMG finally as i was asking about it hopefully this fixes my save, if not it wont feel so bad replaying a bit now with some updated material
Then you probably did not craft much. Because, just get from level 13 to level 14 in crafting you need 17337 crafting xp. I vididly remember that I had destroy nearly every unneeded weapon/ammo just to get enough for crafting of higher level/rarity components.
Yep, but dismantling an item earn 4 xp whatever the item (I think). Crafting an item is about 50/100 xp (like armadillo).
But for example, I currently have a legendary Overture who earn me about 3K xp per upgrade (pickup at level 10 and currently level 35).
At level 35, I sell 10 weapons (about 500 to 1K eddies each in function of the weapon) and buy about 150 legendary components... I suppose that "removing loot" they are talking about all the random junk items that you can find everywhere (it should also solve the "unpickable junks" bug that many players find annoying^^)
I'm still going around checking the changes. I'm comparing it with older pics I've taken, and the game looks better in general. Even V's skin seems to have better textures, also the lighting.
The wait was absolutely worth it. This patch exceeded my expectations, great job guys!
This patch is a right step in the direction and hopefully more to come. The things I would like to see, one being the most requested is a police overhaul. More hairstyles, add barbershops. More new outfits, either added in game or dlc and not just a couple outfits like. There’s a lot of outfits I’ve seen on NPCs like the moxes and the displayed pictures in the stores you entered that I’d love to have my character. Also to be able to preview the clothing you want to purchase. Metro system. Car customization. Maybe some mini games. New game plus which I think is already being worked on hopefully will be available sometime soon. Lastly which is wishful thinking and most likely won’t happen but if it did would definitely be a huge turn around and would earn the trust back to everyone, which is what was advertised and promised is lifepaths. Lifepaths that have actual different gameplay, dialogues and a total different experience from 3 choices. Each were only different for maybe 20 to 30 minutes in the beginning of the game.
Detail draw distance seems to drop for me with every single patch and I haven't figured out what could be causing it. In the first build the game looked absolutely amazing, but with every subsequent patch I've seen the introduction of detail pop-in, and particularly many, many scenery items seem to lose details in an incredibly short distance. At night, light sources turn on only when V approaches them. Last patch it was like a couple of car lengths, now it is roughly not much longer than V's arms could reach.... I was hoping this patch would change it for the better since it has the next-gen upgrades, but no such luck.

One thing I haven't tried yet is complete reinstall of the game, but not sure if that would fix anything since verify/repair doesn't seem to do anything either. I have everything maxed, but switching out and turning on/off settings seems to have no effect.
It's all good but it's been a while since I last played and I can't remember my build now that all perk points are refunded. Sigh...
Yep, but these are built-in introduction for the games, not OS based. They'll have to enable them "manually", maybe with a future update.
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