PC Game Crashes after 2.11 Update

Updated 2.11 and some of my saves crash the game when trying to load in. Was able to load into one Autosave file and a few seconds later, crash. Never happened before this update and now I can't get into the game.
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I went into my %appdata% folder and into the Cyberpunk UserSettings file and renamed it with a ".old" extension and tried to reboot the game. I was able to get in. There is some setting that is messing with the game after the update. I was playing on everything max settings.
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Having the same problem since patch 2.0, no solution so far.
I changed my video settings to medium and it seems to last longer before crashing, but it's kind of ridiculous as I have a 4090 on a new pc.
I'm in this boat. So far I've tried updating GeForce driver, uninstall reinstall game, verified game files, loading different saves. Nothing works. Just crashes either in the loading screen when loading a save (often) or crashes just after the load (rare). Haven't had crashes before this.

Nevermind, thanks @reprobateswillburn, looks like your fix worked

Edit: Nevermind again lol. It works once, but then when you try to load a game or if you die and it reloads last checkpoint the same problem happens. Checked the AppData file again and it's showing a new UserSettings.json file along with the usersettings.old that was changed. I can load back into the game if I delete usersettings.json but then it reverts a bunch of settings back to default and it's a big ol' mess.
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Same i crash on loading screen when i hit spacebar while in Dogtown after chossing load save. I might try another older save but i want to play this one. I did jsut update Nvidia driver and max settings.
i'm having the same issue idk whats going on?? like sometimes i crash after hitting spacebar after loading screen or being ingame for like 30sec i've tried verifying files and that doesnt work either
idk if this gonna work for other platforms, but for GOG users go to your cyberpunk file, find "Tools" and delete REDmod it worked in my case.

edit: after killing npc my game crushed, and while clicking spacebar to launch to the world it crushes again /:
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Figured it out. You can't have dash bound to your mouse side buttons LOL. Such a pain in the ass.
For me worked turning DLSS Drame Gen to false in in usersettings.json. Before that i couldn't even launch the game
Agreed. 2.11 from 01/30/24 is even worse GOG doesnt even work anymore I deleted my whole save this game has no hope.
Crashing also on startup, or within a few minutes of gameplay.

Crash involves my video card fan going to max, and losing all video feed.

I have tried the following:

Uninstalled and completely wiped all presence of Cyberpunk from my hard drives, and then reinstalled.
I do not have dash mapped to my mouse.
I've run OCCT to test my GPU/Vram/CPU and Ram...all good.
I've DDU'd my video drivers, to reinstall new ones.
Downgraded GPU drivers, upgrade, used ones I knew were stable before.
I've zero mods installed.
I've tried with Redmods on and off, no difference.

At this point, I can't even load the game. Very very frustrating.
How the f*** does something like this go through any kind of QA or CR. Keybindings making a game unplayable. Man this is just some next level amateur shit that should not happen, god forbid take longer than a day or two to be hotfixed.
For folks that have tried everything but it still fails to load, there is one last thing you can try, especially for folks with newer Intel chips. Dropping core ratio from the typical 57x to 56x solved all loading issues for me. (the system wasn't over-clocked previously, and also passed stabilization tests on Prime 95 etc). You can do this through the bios or by downloading "Intel Extreme Tuning Utility".

2.11 ruined the game entirely for me. It crashes before it launches.

I tried pretty much everything (verfied game files on steam, fresh installation of the game, removed every trace of the old game, DDU+reinstall, changed keybindings...). None of it worked.

Forums seem to be full of people who experience the same issues. Sorry guys, but just roll it back until this update is in an acceptable state.
Sadly I am way past that. I cannot even get to the menu.

Since we're on the official forum here.. how about a "Hey guys, sorry you're having trouble. We're aware and are currently working on that". Any official response would be appreciated.
Right now I am deeply frustrated that I've spend four hours of my already lacking free time trying to fix an issue created by a dumb patch. CDPR used to communicate with their community, but I guess that died with Cyberpunk as well.
No replies from CDPR?` I'm in the same boat- complete reinstall, tried starting new game, tried loading various saves- NO MODS- constant CTD. What a shame, 2.1 was working great for me, now this mess...
My game got stuck when I had to load the selected save game. Setting the keybindings back to default helped, thx.
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