People might have missed this Q&A

Thought some people might have missed this Russia Q&A given the amount of views (he is answering in english and you can sort of guess what the question were), but might give a few more details. :)

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Are there any resident Russian-speakers here that could translate the questions?
Are there any resident Russian-speakers here that could translate the questions?
I'll give it a try:
1. Are there russian speaking characters in the game and references to russian culture?
2.Can u do ordinary stuff such as eating, sleeping, taking showers without quests attached to it?
3.How dence is NC's population, will it depend on time of day and plot events?
4.Can u have companions other than Jackie, how many potential companions are there in the game?
5.Can u side with any of the gangs?
6.What about corps?
7.Is there going to be an opportunity to play as a bad guy?
8.Can u stay a good guy whithout killing or robbing?
9.Can u drink alcohol in bar?
10.Will cp2077 resemble tw3 in player's choices and consequences?
11.Can our character become cyborg?
12.How can we change V's appearance throughout the game?
13.Will it be possible to redistribute skill points and attributes during the game?
14.Weather! Will it be changing and how? What weather can we expect? Will there be acid rains?
15.What transport will we be able to use?
16.Will we see any utility vehicles in the city?
17.What other types of income will V have other than contracts?
18.Will there be people of different ethnicities and nationalities speaking their native language?
19.Can npc's become hostile to the player?
20.How does the game's death mechanic work?How will it happen?
21.There were alot of mysterious quests and locations in tw3, will something like that be in cp2077?What about horror?
22.Is the storytelling linear or will there be multiple events going on?
23.Will there be multiplayer and when?
24. Is cp2077 a fps or an rpg at it's core first and foremost?
25.Can u burn down the city?
That's it ;)
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