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Performance in the deck builder is painful. Is this normal?

Spending time in the deck builder gets annoying fast as the game keeps stuttering over and over again. It freezes then I move the thumbsticks around until it unfreezes. Is this normal and will it ever get better?
I have same problem I can't craft more than 3 cards without couple seconds freeze. Also scrolling down cards without any crafting causes same problems (BTW PS4 player here).
I am playing on PC and have the same problem since the update; in the deckbuilder every 15 sec the game freezes for 1/2 a sec. It´s a bit annoying....
I don't know why it would considering the effects aren't even going at the time.
If the effects are enabled, then it is loading them as you scroll, even if you don't see them going off. It's possibly choking the ram bandwidth. Could be that CDPR needs to optimize it further.
I'm experiencing this lag/freezing in the deck builder on the Xbox. It happens even if premium cards are filtered out. I also get it on the main menus. 5 or 6 seconds of freezing up.
My cpu is around %10-20 + I've got a gtx1070 and after the update deck builder starts to freeze so bad
it's not normal :(