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Play of the Month April 2019

We have the last episode of Play of the Month for you!

Thank you to everyone who sent in their plays and fails during these 20 months – it’s been a fun ride, but for now we’ve decided to shift the focus of our video production team to other content, such as TWIG and Dev Streams.

We’ll be thinking about good ways to redesign the formula of Play of the Month, and if we ever decide to bring it back – we’ll let you know!
You guys have given a worthy fantastic goodbye to POTM it deserved. All the clips were interesting! We will miss POTM and hope that you will bring it back later.
It was fun to watch for sure! but yeah 'The Great Dandelion Show' is much better.

We will miss the 'Play of the Month' anyway.
It's a shame you'll stop doing these videos. Even if i criticized the picks almost every month, i still enjoyed seeing them.

And now, for the last time i guess, i'll do my obnoxious comments:

The Honorable mention is basically what you can do when the opponent lets engines run wild (with Foltest Pride or Kiyan being way more deadly than Arbalest).

No.2 was really huge, even if on Seasonal, never saw an Aglais anywhere near those values.

But no.1... it was a nice play, but was it before the patch? Because if it was after, it would be better to not destroy Caldwell, cuz he would come to our side since he already had the biggest unit except Caldwell.
Hire the guy behind The Great Dandelion Show! I'm sure he'd be happy to do it. Thanks for even doing this though, it was fun while it lasted!