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Played against a dragon



Played against a dragon

Played against a dragon with a nilfgaard deck playing gwent like no one else.Just making cards keep flowing,starting game with gold avallach !,sending cards than take it back,sending again, copying then and sending again at the end of round 2 managed to send +8 cards already!
At round 3 send 4 more cards but i have no cards left on deck start getting weather cards copies with no value really impressive..


You experienced a Mill deck. Some people like to play that. It's not exactly a new thing :)


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Mill is really tough if they get a shitty first hand if they can't pull that alvarich then they are dead in the water. One thing you should do vs mill is try and 2-0 him while locking and removing his cards that get boosted by card draw. I just played one with my old 4k mmr deck and I popped him with a 50 point score difference. Here's a sexy lady to motivate you::scold::rolleyes: