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Playing Witcher 1 after I played Witcher 3 and then Witcher 2



The Witcher 1 was an amazing game the year it came out. You should play it at least once if u love the franchise.


Witcher 1 is a very great game. Okay the story is here and there a bit trashy and sometimes the quests and scenes don't feel like a homage, it feels like stealing from the books ;)
But I really liked the game and playe it from time to time.

Only thing what really annoys me. No word about Yennefer and Ciri (exept the one moment in the tavern) and that Geralt is "forced" to romance Shani or Triss... weird...


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Riven-Twain;n9952601 said:
A few people have attempted to modify the face, to be more faithful to the first game, with various degrees of success. This one is one of the more talented attempts, although still not quite there, I'd say.
I could not acquiesce it



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The Witcher 1 was amazing. Especially when you consider this:

CDPR were not a game development company, they localised games to sell to the Polish market. Basically, they wanted to make a game, decided on the watcher, learned to code games and came out with The Witcher.

The effort those guys put into the game, pours out of the screen and speakers. The art, music, ambiance, mood feeling etc have never been captured in quite the same way by TW2 and 3. Most definitely flawed but, never tries to hide that and, even more beautiful for it.