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Please consider adding the beta music back in.

Hello Burza,

Will the Gwent team please consider adding the beta music back in, mixed with the current music? So many good tracks, especially The Mighty Jarl of Skellige

The new ones aren't bad but they lack that "oomph" if you know what I mean?

Please also consider adding Taming A Stray (Gascon's theme) for Gwent! We need more hype music :p
There used to be an option to enable the Witcher 3 gwent track, which to me is one of the most relaxing/appropriate tracks for Gwent.

While I'm asking, what about the pre-homecoming music? I haven't heard that silly Monster track in a while, and there were a few other factions songs that I liked.

Don't get me wrong, I love the new stuff, definitely great, but if you already commissioned the music, perhaps add it in options?
I would really like to see closed beta sound of victory in a round come back. It fits the concept of two armies clashing.
You can hear it at 11:18