Please fix the Police System in the game

- Cops that spawn around you out of nowhere...
- Cops that cant get into the police cars to chase you because they don't even have police cars...
- Cops that give up after you disappear from their line of sight... wanted level stays active for like 10 sec..
- Cops that automatically shoot you after spawning not even trying to arrest...
- Cops don't even care if enemy gang members attack you first, they just spawn and try to kill you while ignoring said gang members
- Cops do not patrol the streets. They just have scripted places where they "Interrogate someone" or "investigate something"
- No Bounty system in the game like it was promised in Night City Wires
- No "mercenaries that hunt you" system, also promised in NCWiires
- Cops (or any NPC) don't care if you steal right in front of them.
- You can be in the middle of nowhere badlands, hit someone with your car and cops will just magically spawn, the crime report system is non existent.

Grand Theft Auto 3 had believable cops, and that's a game from 2001. How does Cyberpunk2077 a game made in 2020 doesn't have a proper police system or even a one that's working? Seriously this feels like an Early Access game.
Police and NPC AI should be fixed ASAP.

Here what would i like to see:
1-2 stars - Police drive to crime scene with sirens on ( love the sirens by the way shame their are not used )
3 stars - Armored police drive to scene, some NCPD mechs shows up ( from distance )
4 stars MAX-TAC Av flies some distance from scene dropping 2-3 max-tac officers, AV might follow and shoot player too

- Police car patrols ( with and without sirens )
- Small % for police car chasing gang car ( there is video of cops shooting from car so its already in the game ) player can help in chase for some bounty money

As for NPC
-NC should be this super dangerous place so i would like to see at least half of NPCs to have guns and defend themself
-very small % that NPC have trauma team insurance, trauma team av arrives to pick up the NPC engaging with player


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Yes the spawn system is really ..... If they would spawn in the distance and came to my position it would be good. But they are spawning 2 or 3 meters nearby.....
have my RED Point OP :ok:
also please let me post this overused meme :)
Right now I would already be happy if they didnt randomly attack me.

I was walking to V's appartment and an officer across the street on a traffic stop goes into 'search mode', crosses the street and then, once in range, starts attacking. several more spawn in or join. I couldnt use the elevator and as I was on foot, all I could do was run away from the appartment I was trying to get to. I was on foot so no driving into pedestrians and had weapons holstered. I didnt even point a weapon at anyone. And no, I didnt try to kill half the city beforehand, quite the oposite.

Near V's place there is a spot where cops are fighting Tyger claws, if I help the cops against the Tyger Claws the ones on the upper floor are always hostile. In some cases, one or more of the cops I helped are hostile.

And I had a similar case when fighting Valentinos. I replayed that scene several times and had them attack me, then lure them out of the corner so I couldnt hit any civilians(or even point a weapon at them). And every single time, the cops teleport in and attack me while they ignore the Valentino's who killed five civilians and are firing at me. Its a location marked as a crime location, but somehow the crime is being ignored while the 'subcon' who is trying to deal with it is seen as a criminal.

At this point, I would prefer if the police was just turned into decor or removed. Its really annoying to be constantly attacked by cops because I'm trying to play as a normal V. The spawning behind my back makes it even worse, as suddenly, I'm fighting enemies in front and behind me for no apparent reason.
At a certain point, when you do a number of 'NCPD scanner hustles' they should be ignoring most of the stuff I do at crimescenes. In fact, they should be giving me a car for all the work I do for them and leave me alone. Right now they handle like a worse version of the games gangs.

They even come after you in Pacifica, an area where they supposedly dont go.
In my opinion, the police system should be removed altogether and replaced with something a bit more simplistic. In AC Valhalla, when you're acting like a proper viking you get the message: "Civilian casualties will result in desynchronisation". In the same vein, civilian casualties in Cyberpunk should display a message: "Cyberpsychosis symptoms detected" on the first kill, and if you keep acting like a Trevor Phillips, you will eventually get a game-over screen which instead of FLATLINED says "You have succumbed to CYBERPSYCHOSIS". It makes sense in the game's lore, it makes sense in the context of V being a merc, and it makes sense for the developers to not waste resources and time on a police system.
I've demonstrated how this could work in my review for this game, but I don't know if I'm allowed to post it on the forums. Anyway, there's already code in the game for kill effects (Frenzy: 100% more damage to enemies after a kill) and there's code for detecting when you hurt civilians (the one that spawns the police on your tail), so if you reshuffle the code a little, you can add a stacking debuff for every pedestrian you murder, and once that stack reaches 3, or 5, whichever is more balanced, you're game over. We can assume that your character lost his grip on reality, became a cyberpsycho, blacked out, went on a rampage, and eventually Max-Tac arrived to the scene with one of their AVs and put you down. End of story, just another day in Night City.

I would much more prefer if they actually made the police work correctly, and put the ones in GTA to shame, but if I am to choose between the current failed system and my lazy workaround, I'd choose the workaround every single time. Besides, theoretically speaking, if you do go full Trevor Phillips, and somehow manage to survive Max-Tac, nobody will want to be associated with a mass murderer. Not Panam, not Judy, not Takemura or Hanako... Fixers would all ghost you, because they can't trust you with jobs that more often than not involve you saving people, or killing scum that makes life worse for everyone. For all intents and purposes, your life in NC is over once you kill unarmed civilians for no other reason than: "I was bored and wanted to see those meatbags burst!"

I do intend to copy paste this whole wall of text in my own thread, once I'm able to make my own. I have a lot of suggestions just like this one.
You have a point there. Certainly would fix the narrative dissonance if you go on a rampage.
The police system was started. There're videos posted showing remnants still existing in the game today.
I think they're working on it and the system we have now is a place holder until they do.
The police system in this game is THEEEEEE WORST! Cant even walk close to them without them trying to gun you down. How does that make any sense?
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have my RED Point OP :ok:
also please let me post this overused meme :)
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Love this meme. This sums up the police stupidity in cyberpunk 2077 perfectly.
Ya, this should be up in the top 5 to get addressed and fixed. Now, we all know the system sucks but you can prevent it from happening and the moment you get a star, just book it. You have a few seconds to get moving before they spawn and you can easily ditch them. Or, you know what's going to happen the moment you get a star and if you just want to kill cops anyway, just book it still and once they spawn in you can start popping them off but keep moving as those stars increase. Treat it like a mini game for now and it makes it a little more enjoyable.

Also, you don't want to be messing with cops until your leveled up and outfitted decently enough to survive
This definitely needs to be fixed, but I just don't have confidence they can bring it even to GTA 3 level of competence.
I thought it was important to mention that, yesterday, for the very first time since I'm playing, instead of shooting me right after I helped them, one of the cops said ( kind of, indeed ) : Oh, thanks so much for helping out, I thought we were gonna die...
Mark my words, at this very moment, I was shocked because I expected them to attack me, as usual...
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