Police Chase

Quite a lot of time has passed since the release of global patch 2.0 and the addition of police chases, and during this period I have ideas on how these chases can be made more epic and more spectacular.

- The first thing I would like to start with is making the cars heavier

This needs to be done so that collisions with other cars are more realistic, and feel like a collision with something really heavy, I think everyone at least once has encountered the situation when they simply drove UNDER a car, as if it weighed nothing at all (this can especially often be observed in cases of collisions with jeeps).

This change is also aimed at making it impossible to drive under a car (as I wrote earlier), but it would be more possible to turn the car over (especially jeeps, since they have more weight than ordinary cars).

- Make cars more vulnerable to collisions

This change will go perfectly with the one suggested above. You see, ordinary patrol police cars (then PPC) seemed to me somehow too impenetrable (and I’m not talking about their sensitivity to shots - no, I’m talking specifically about collisions).

For example, if I am driving at a speed of 200+ km/h and with all this speed I crash into a ppc (I think in this case, the most vulnerable places should be the front and sides of the car), then the ppc will be thrown back, and everyone who is in it is about to die (well, or almost) and the car itself, in cases where, when thrown back, there was a collision with any object (it doesn’t matter whether it was another car or a wall), the ppc will have to “break down", I will write about this a later.

In fact, such a change affects not only ordinary ppc, but in general all cars in the game, it’s just that all cars will have a different damage threshold at which they will break, I just gave ppc as an example.

Also, in addition to this, I think it would be a very good move to add a weak point to all cars in the game (or almost all) - a gas tank, when shot into which the car will instantly explode, however, it is worth noting that if this car is driven by a player, then perhaps it should be made in such cases invulnerable to such a shot, as was done with the tire blowout.

- Adding a new breakdown stage for police car

Small innovation. This stage will only be on pc (police car) and only in cases of a severe accident or a strong collision with something, I would do this stage before the very last one, when the car starts to burn and subsequently explodes, but at the breakdown stage the car will have smoke coming from under the hood and the car won't be able to drive (in other words, the car's engine will stall).

- Hacking a player's car

It is known that at level 5 of the chase, the police hack any player's vehicle.

I think this feature should be removed from the game. As long as this feature is in the game (or at least in the form in which it is implemented now), everything suggested in this thread has no meaning. This feature makes any police chase too formulaic (it ends at stage 5). I want to offer alternative ways to stop the offender:

> Adding spikes when blocking a road with a blockage

As far as I remember, in some of the missions these very spikes were even used on the player’s side. I would also like to describe how I see the implementation of this.

Ofс, first of all, you shouldn’t forget about motorcycles, and that they don’t have the ability to ram cars in the blockage, so it would be very smart to make space in the blockage so that a player on a motorcycle can go around spikes or drive between cars in the blockage.

Designation symbols:
Spikes = "____"
Police cars = " 🡄 🡆 🡇" (Directions of view of a vehicle in an blockage)

Variants for constructing blockage with spikes:

1. ___  🡄 ___ (2 cars in the center with spikes on each side)
🡆 🡄 ___ 🡆 🡄 (There are spikes in the center with 2 cars on each side)
3. ___🡄🡄🡇, 🡇🡆🡆___, 🡆___🡄, 🡆___ 🡄 (blockage options for a small route)

Another option is possible, where the spikes lie in front of the car in a blockage.

If a player drives over spikes with 1 or 2 wheels, then the speed of his car will be noticeably reduced, and it will accelerate much slower; it is logical that this depends on the number of punctured tires in this case. However, if more than 2 tires are punctured, the car can no longer be driven and is sent for repairs as if it had been destroyed.

> Hacking the player's car (alt version)

Also, I see another version of the implementation of hacking a player’s machine (htpc), this method will be associated with a new stage of pc breakdown, however, sending a script works with a 20% chance, and not with 100% as it is now, and also has a cooldown with which the police can use this ability.

> Mini avi

Add a “mini avi” at the 5th (or 4) level of the chase, which will chase the player and can be shot down, it will also fly back about 2 minutes after it was shot down, this avi will accommodate about 3 policemen.

- Chase general

In this section I will touch on some general gaming aspects that I noticed.

> Make it more possible to throw NPC or PC cars off bridges

> Police car fire when it rolls over

A small change will make the chase even more exciting, and clashes with police blockage more epic.

> Driver murder

Now, if you kill the driver of a car (no matter a police car or a gang car), the car simply stops. I find it quite boring. I propose 2 options for the development of events when the driver is killed, which will be reproduced in an arbitrary manner.

1. The car gradually begins to slow down, moving in the original trajectory (that is, straight), and it can also drift slightly from side to side.
2. The second option is similar to the first, but it is more epic, the car begins to skid very strongly and at full speed it can crash somewhere and explode.

> Add the ability for police to throw the player out of the car in case of a chase

If the player stopped and was in the car, it would be logical that the police could throw him out of the car, perhaps it would be worth adding the same function to ordinary NPCs, but it would work in cases where the player threw the NPC out of his car

Thank for your attention.
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