Police wanted system broken

Like many have said before me, this system needs a LOT of work, its armature at best.

- Any crime despite no witnesses is instantly reported
Ideas - why cant this work as the same system as the stealth mechanics? People have to discover the crime/body before it can be reported.
- If targeting high profile people, if you scan them, it can inform you that they have a chip in their head that will contact police if killed or whatever, (similar to the trauma response that the woman has) and can have the option to hack and disable it etc, can expand on that and make them report their friends, so when police arrive they kill their friends in the confusion. this can easy get creative.

- Police units instantly spawn at your location (this is super lazy)
Ideas - If its not broken dont fix it, plenty of other games can spawn things away from you and have walk/drive to your location.

- Police have the same response as hostile groups and will attack you just by looking at you the wrong way
Ideas - Police are to protect and serve are they not, fighting is a last resort, let them give you a warning, push you away, stun you (which i found out the trauma team does when approached) so you already have the tools there.

- The response to being wanted is unproportionate to its star rating, 1 star can spawn 2-3 instantly on you
Ideas - Again, if its not broken don't fix it, learn from other games that do it right, 1 star - maybe a unit will come investigate but slow, but you are small fish, unless you walk past a cop that can identify you if they get a good look at you then try to arrest you. 2 stars will send cops quickly, much quicker to recognize you as a criminal. 3 stars, to get this many some body has probably seen you, so they can track you down easier, and come more heavily armed, takes more effort to loose them. you should get the point by now.

Please fix this soon, it should be a bigger part of the game, but most will just avoid it all together. No one wants to kill some random alone in the outskirts to have 3 cops spawn instantly and shotgun kill to the back of the head.
The police system is so disappointing. They should have worked on them so much more. The police don't even get in their cars to chase you. They should have used drones that spawn in when you get a wanted level and then they chase you when your trying to get away on foot or in a car. Or even use those flying cars when chasing you. The cops should have been so much more, because they play a major part in the world. Improving them would add so much in the immersion.
It should be just as it is in assassins creed odyssey. They police is so overrun that they have to put a bounty on you and thats it. Police or mercenaries may chase you if they see you. You could have an implant to see them coming.
The sorry part is that the AI required to have police simulate a "wanted" status is decades old at this point. The most broken part of W3 was that you could loot anything and everything without much concern.......I wanted to love this game but.......thumbs down!
Whoever created police station was either in a hurry to take a dump or took idea from a short dumping and made it into this crappy system.
The first time I broke the law in the game (I cut a fire extinguisher with the katana and the explosion killed a civilian LOL) I was in a place that could only be accessed through a window on the second floor practically doing parkour. At that moment I thought "I am safe now, it is impossible for the police to enter so I am going to plan my escape" Suddenly I began to receive damage from behind in a room where there was no one and no doors, I turn around and see a drone and a policeman, I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT, it's something from 2003 that mechanic BY GOD!
All great points. I also noticed they don't make much sense as cops. I've been attacked by gangs before and the cops arrive to attack me leaving the gang completely alone. WTF cops, they attacked me!
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