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POLL: What Future Witcher Tales Would you Most Like to See?


What Future Witcher Tales Would you Most Like to See?

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Suggested Story Campaigns (Possible Witcher game/book story spoilers)

Hello all,

What stories would you be interested in hearing from CDPR in the context of a Gwent game?

Here are my personal suggestions:

Neutral - Bloody Baron's quest to cure his wife (assuming they've survived TW3).
Scoai'tael - Iorveth and Saskia's adventures after the fall of Vergen.
Nilfgaard - How Fringilla Vigo was captured by Nilfgaard.
Skellige - Something to do with Gremist & Ermion. I feel like a game from the PoV of a mean old man would be great.
Northern Realms - How Dijkstra got from the wilds of Nilfgaard to being a head of Novigrad's underworld.

I would also love to see stories about (1) Lambert and Kiera and (2) Ciri and Geralt.

So what are your suggestions for single player campaign stories to be told?
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I actually never even thought about that, since I'm not quite sure how stories work in card games. I just trust that whatever it is, it's 100% CDPR quality :)

But since you asked... Something including characters Geralt, Iorveth, Dwarfs, Gaunter O'Dimm, Roche... Vampires and dragons never gets old for me, so everything including those is more than welcome. Ah, the story with Unseen Elder! Or Regis?

It would be nice to hear more about the story behind young Vesemir and that noble lady. Or story with Geralt and Orianna related to the events in orphanage.

Edit: Also changed the title a bit :)
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Rawls;n8703230 said:
So what are your suggestions for single player campaign stories to be told?
The most simple answer would be: any background story not told in the Witcher games. Because I haven't read the books, I cannot comment on what those background stories would entail. I imagine it would be something like you've listed.
Oooh, background stories? Maybe something invoving the witchers back when they were in Ths School of the Wolf? Back when Vesemir were still training them?!


I actually wouldn't want these stories to be part of the canon. Just make something fun without having to worry how it affects the series.
Fascinating question, Rawls ! Since, from what sparse information I've gathered, the Campaigns may be told from the perspective of leaders assembling armies, I wonder if we might see one in Vergen. Although I rather suspect the REDs may take us to a few new locations.
I think CDPR will stick to creating new stories involving new characters but here are some of my thoughts nonetheless:

The knight with the winged helmet sparked my interest ever since the moment he first appeared during the slaughter of Cintra. Had a great death and character epilogue aswell. I'm all for his story.

I might have voted for Dijkstra if I didn't think that making him return in the Witcher games was a bad choice. Having an open ending for his character by sending him to Zerrikania fits best in my opinion.

Also, what about Angoulême's or Milva's backstory? Could be interesting aswell.
I havent played Witcher 2 (still got hope though), but i would love that some arcs from the books would get continued on these Witcher Tales.

One of those is actually suggested in the poll: Dijkstra, who at the end of the books meets Isengrim and Boreas, and form a group. I think this has so much potential since its 3 powerful, dangerous men, one from the Northern realms, a Scoia and a Nilfgaardian, which would be unlikely allies but since they all become renegades, they travel together.

Would also love some backstories from Touissant, after 'Blood and Wine' it became probably my favourite place in the Witcher world.
All good options, while I'd root for more Saskia/Iorveth always, the Avallac one takes the cake.
A "far more advanced" (and dying?) civilization opens up for more interesting gameplay elements
I´m defenetly in favor of the Saskia one. After Roche and his plot got a considerable focus in Witcher 3 I think its only fair if the other major plotline from the Witcher 2 get a followup.
Since the Gwent game systems lend themself better to certain stories than others...

...Dijkstra's rise to power in Novigrad would be a nice tale, but personally I'd expand that to his exploits as head of Redanian intelligence up to and including his unfortunate run ins with Geralt.

As alternatives:
- Vernon Roche's (and his Blue Stripes) campaign leading to the "pacification of Mahakam"... maybe playable from both sides (could also feature Iorveth).
- A grand tale of the first war against Nilfgaard, maybe told from the perspective of the sorceresses that would later form the lodge... yes, I admit it, as a Triss fan, I want to know more about the Battle of Sodden Hill (;))... but playing through the fall of Cintra could also be interesting.
- Something more crazy and out there, like a monster story campaign... maybe told from the perspective of a higher vampire?
pls cdpr I just want to see Iorveth my angry elf son have a happy life with saskia after the war especially with all they've been through.

I mean Iorveth lost an eye saw that the elven cause was lost and now fears that his ppl will go extinct. Like will there be a day that we get to see that Iorveth ca njust lay down hos bow and tell his fellow elves to just go in peace. maybe he leads the elves onto the empire for protection if Ciri is empress or see what happens with his time in dol blathana. And we can see how he and Saskia grow as people. For example Iorveth can slowly forgive humanity and se that even though humans as a whole suck ass there are people who aren't so bad that he can at times give some people his trust. With saskia maybe we get to look at how she deals with the fallout with vergens fall and how she can find peace in the witcher world because if I were her I would be so tired of the world too. Like we can see where she wants to help ppl but grows weary of the ugliness of the wickedness she sees.
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The best part about this whole "mini franchise" tales take is, the card mechanics can be simply be replaced by something else depending on what game they're making, wonderful how they just nailed a far superior version of a banner saga-ish title with the usual excellent voice acting and RPG at its core.

I'd very well enjoy an isometric shooter (something along the lines of bastion/transistor) as Iorveth and an army ha :D
Dijkstra's death at the hands of Geralt of Rivia, following the assassination of King Radovid III, is revealed to be staged as part of an eleborate misdirection campaign orchestrated by the man himself. This has allowed him to quietly consolidate power behind the scenes, playing Redania's ruling class against each other in their attempts to seize the vacant throne. Wearied by constant civil war and the threat of invasion brought on by internal instability, the populace needs a leader like Dijkstra, though he may not be the one they deserve.
Hmmm, i think the big question is: should the next Witcher Tales be before or after the events of Witcher 3.

If they really plan to continue the Witcher series eventually, they'll probably stick to prequels with these Witcher Tales, or if a sequel, only if its something really secondary (but still interesting) that doesnt affect the main characters.

If prequel, i read somewhere a suggestion i loved: show what happened to Borkh after his short-story with Geralt (still my favourite)
Because I haven't read the books
Blasphemy of the first degree!

Dijkstra's death at the hands of Geralt of Rivia
Excuse me, but Dijkstra is alive and kicking and rules the North. ;)

I like most of the suggestions but i'm more partial to filthy non-humans' stories.

I really love Regis and Villen, so my personal favourites would be:
1. Regis' story, back when he was a mean bloodthirsty vampire and how he ended up in detox.
2. Villen adventures. The possibilities are endless. Baby Saesenthessis' appearance mandatory. :)