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"Poor Man's Gwent" contract

The contract demands a win with a deck using less than 100 provisions.

A deck has to have 25 cards, and no card currently has a provision value lower than 4. That means the theoretical minimum for a deck is 100 provisions, so going BELOW that is impossible.

Even if it's just a text error and you're actually supposed to use a deck with a value of exactly 100, that means using almost every minimum-value card available to a given faction, including neutrals, regardless of the effects they have. For Northern Realms it's not even possible to reach 100 because they have one 4-provision card too little in the collection.

This can't be right, surely.
It's possible with exactly 100 provisions:


But yeah, the description should be "less than or equal to".
That would still be stupid, since less would be impossible.

Also, I just completed this contract somehow playing on Arena with a deck full of gold cards. Probably a bug due to the cards all counting as having zero value or something?
it says "uses less", so it may be that if you only play less than 100provisions worth of cards it will also be satisfied
I suppose that's possible, though it wouldn't make any sense in light of the wording. Why mention the deck instead of the cards played? Referring to the deck clearly means it should take into account all the cards in it, whether played or not.

Also, I'm fairly certain I used cards well in excess of 100 provisions in the arena game that filled this contract for me. It was the first game I played since the update, so I'm not sure if it would have triggered outside of arena.
Already have that contract complete... with a default deck.

Yup, the achievments are buggy as hell atm, i wish it was just incorrect wording.
There is a contract to win a game with a hand that has less than 100 provisions. I believe it is something like poor Gwent. The problem is, there are no cards under 4 provisions. Also a deck must have 25 cards. 25 x 4 = 100. It is literally impossible to be less than 100. I suspect they mean 100, but if that is the case they should correct the mistake, otherwise it is broken.
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Unfortunately, no one will ever know. If you go with a deck with 100 provisions, you are not going to win and there is no way to confirm that :coolstory:
Maybe this has already been said, in which case I accept being embarassed by merging this to an ages old topic.

In the German version there's a contract, that (translated back to English) reads "win an online match with a deck that uses less than 100 provisions". This is technically impossible. 4 provisions is the lowest, and you have to have 25 cards in the deck. 25 x 4 = 100, which is 1 above "less than 100".