Possible cause of vertical lines and trails after loading a save game

So I had an extreme issue with vertical lines, trails on movement and other artifacts on loading a save game (any save game) but not on a new game. I had done everything that has been suggested (lowering graphics settings, clearing cache, updating graphics drivers, validating the game files even reinstalling the game) and this didn't start until I hit 300 hours of game play. On starting a new game (again) I noticed that some items I had bought in a previous save showed as being added to my inventory but was only a few minutes into the game and they never appeared in my inventory. The items in question were bought just prior to making a save game and quitting. Apparently the items never finished being added to my inventory and for some reason it was picking this up from the old save when I opened the 'Load Save' screen. After deleting the saves from that point on (including autosaves) it fixed the issue with the graphics and the game trying to add the items to my inventory. I have no idea why something like that would be picked up from another save game that was not even loaded.
Weird :(
So it's good now ?
It would be best to take a screenshot when these items are present in the inventory. And to repost it to CDPR support (maybe a "rare" bug).
Anyway, if it's good now, this is the most important :)
I restored the saves that caused the issue and took screenshots. You can see the graphics issues from movement and shadows in the game with the third Graphics issue image just standing still.
I found the issue was the save made where I bought some clothing and it caused an issue with the save games, even affecting ones from a completely new game as it went and tried adding the items to the player inventory even though I shut the game down before starting the new game (is at the beginning of the Nomad start). Removing the save games starting with the point that I bought the items including all auto saves got rid of the issue.


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Very strange, especially for the items, I have never had/seen this.
You have to report it to CDPR Support with the screenshots and also the saves (that can help to know why/how it happen) ;)
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