Possible future changes to hacking and monowire. (Combat balancing.)

So i've just made the realisation thanks to this post here, that hacking used to require manual jacking in into the enemy system either via an access point or through an actual enemy.
Monowire being one of the tools to do it via range.

Now I've already seen a few topics pop up about the game's difficulty, about how easy it is and how hacking becomes pretty OP once you unlock epic quickhacks. Though it's pretty OP even before that.
I think it is pretty obvious that down the road, CDPR will have to address balancing issues too, and I feel bringing back the feature of hacking requiring manual acces, it could make the function a lot more interesting and balance out the risk/reward factor. Also would make monowire more useful than a glorified katana.

What do you guys think?
Because it is OP. On both my shooting and my Ref/Cool katana characters I started noticing I was just quietly hacking things more and more, neither one with any tech or int points. The way hacking is set up right now, it is like the stealth archer from Skyrim.

My friend built a pure Netrunner and it is even more ludicrous; he literally just throws up some quickhack that disables all of a boss' cybernetics and then stands there hosing them down. He can do this to almost anyone, multiple times, without even being seen. Imagine if you actually needed to touch a boss to do this? It definitely feels like that was still the case when some of these quickhacks were made. The wire would have actually been useful in that regard.
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