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Post Homecoming Niilfgaard Reveal Burn

Guess what deck made it through Homecoming and is arguably more powerful now due to the tempo slowdown and several small tricks?

Nilfgaard reveal burn.

Leader: Morvran Voorhis

Gold cards: 10

Royal Decree
Alzur's Double-Cross
Letho: Kingslayer

Bronze Cards: 15

Ointment x2
Mangonel x2
Recruit x2
Deithwen Arbalest x2
Standard Bearer x2
Magne Division x2
Spotter x2
Alba Armored Cavalry x1

General goal.stays the same as before, field as many Mangonels as possible, then unleash hell qhen the opponent can't just pass.

It's common to end up with 2-3 Mangonels and not overly rare to field all 4.

Use Voorhis to boost Mangonel attack so they're harder to kill, ointment, arbalest, recruit and comboing off Vryghelf is more than enough to trigger all the reveals you need. Spotter is just low point trash with basic synergy if you can't mulligan them away because you have to mulligan roach, witchers or standard bearers more.