Post NCW2 poll - which lifepath are you going to choose?


After NCW 2, which background are you going to choose?

  • Street Kid

    Votes: 20 18.7%
  • Nomad

    Votes: 41 38.3%
  • Corpo

    Votes: 46 43.0%

  • Total voters
Watching all the feedback to NCW2 on the various lifepaths, it looks like there is a much stronger response to Nomad than in our old lifepath poll.

So, I thought it would be interesting to see which lifepath people are thinking they will play after seeing the introductory material in NCW2. Perhaps the twitter crowd is just different to the forum crowd, but I have also seen much more positive feedback on the nomad background in the NCW2 topic than any other lifepath, even though it was least popular in our old poll.

You can find the old poll here, if you are interested;
I've already decided to go with Corpo lifepath for my first playthrough. But after that i'll definitely go with Nomad (the latest video made this lifepath quite appealing). This leaves Street Kid for last.
Corpo just seems like the most interesting, so that.

With a tech savvy and low guns playthrough (depending on how ”possible” that is and how much it serves an opportunistic selfcentered character).
They all look good to me and, quality of gameplay and storyline differences in multiple playthroughs permitting, I'll play them all. It's just a question of which one first.

I think I'll go Nomad. It'll give me a chance to get a feel for the game and see the Badlands straight off the bat, acting as an appetizer for Nightcity. I can drive around looking at the cityscape in the distance, knowing I've got all that discovery to come, much like the Nomad I'll be playing.

I also saw a few episodes of Sons of Anarchy recently, heh.
Street Kid first. I'm super excited for all three, and the footage has me the most excited to try corpo, but I want my first experience as my favorite character from the tabletop, a trashy gutter punk hacker.
-Nomad have mainly two interest: their family and cars. V won't have the first and I don't care much about the later.
-Now that Backgrounds kinda replaced Roles, Street Kid only reminds me of a lost slot for C2020 Roles.
1st. playthrough: Nomad female V. My mind hasn’t changed about this. If anything, every bit of their experience I see in videos and screenshots makes me more sure about picking this path.
2nd.: Corpo male V. After the nomad path, I want to see how soulless and oppressive can life be for a corpo V and for those around him. And then see if he can redeem himself after being in and serving hell’s most powerful.
3rd.: Street Kid TBD V. Navigating Night City as a V that grew on its streets could feel like the ultimate edgerunner experience in a way, so I’m leaving that one for a third playthrough.
4th. and beyond: It remains to be seen.
I'm having the same problem as some people in this thread choosing the nomad or corpo lifepath. I might go nomad then change into a corpo so I can live in the North Oaks. With that I can still make Nomad choices. In the Lifepath trailer the Nomad didn't really interested me much but the corpo and street kid interested me a little. Enough to stray into a corpo play-through. But I think I'm going to stick with Nomad in the end.
Still Corpo, but I think Nomad is #2. I can't wait to roleplay my high intellience, techie and cool counter intelligence Corpo. That sounds like a job that requires dedication and skills. Basically Adam Jensen.
It`s always been Nomad and it still is but i will play all three Life Paths . I want to experience NC for the first time as an outsider so my V and I will share the first of doing everything . The other LP`s already know NC because they grew up there , so V knows NC but i don`t .
So far it looks like my hunch was right. There are a lot more nomad players than before, with corpo still being the number one background people are looking to play. About half of the people who were on street kid before have now switched to other backgrounds.
I'm having such a hard time depending bc nothing will be like our very first playthrough...

I'm leaning towards Nomad bc he's gunna be the "outsider" who doesn't know much about NC (like me lol)

But street kid and corpo look so good too. Corpo bc I want to piss off Johnny lol
Nomad, because they are very social, a big family with big hearts and probably the last free people in 2077. :)

At first I wanted to be a Corpo, but they come across as a bunch of mean egoists, are all alone in their concrete towers, hated by the people and eventually get backstabbed by their own colleagues. They're rotten individuals with a lot of money. And we all know that at some point we're going to lose all that money and implants we start with. What are we left with then? A bad personality?

I also find it way more interesting to start at zero and work my way to the top. Returning to the top as a Corpo somehow doesn't have the same feeling of achievement to it, because you return to where you began. That's just my opinion, of course. :p
I will go for the corpo playthrough as the first. The oppressive high class boardrooms, getting betrayed by my boss, hopefully getting payback.
Hearing Jackie lecture me about being a corpo.
Hearing Johnny lecture me about being a corpo
Getting hots with Meredith Stout
Getting rich from the misery of others
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